Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


If so, they’ll be flush with success.


I hear it often freezes completely. That will go over like an icy BM.


Please no one repeat that picture. I was almost with Brian for a few minutes,


I was only asking if it had multiplayer


Inkle has released a new trailer for Heaven’s Vault which finally shows some of the gameplay. A bunch of things to be excited about with this, including how its story progresses (which Inkle has talked about in some development talks over the last year) and the idea of actually deciphering a lost language.

I don’t think I care much about visuals in a game like this (and much of the visual style looks awesome to me!), but the way they’re handling the character’s legs when walking around is curious. They just fade out below the knee. But they also cast shadows? I can’t quite figure out why they’ve done it that way. If the feet didn’t quite line up with the ground, it wouldn’t be any worse than a lot of 2D adventure games!


It’s a pretty curious artistic choice. I imagine it’s something like trying to echo it’s own story with “the past is ephemeral and not fully known”. So the player is shown in various “known” places and you’re left to fill in the gaps mentally. Or something.

Still looks like it’ll be an interesting game, and inXile Inkle has my trust.


To clarify, it’s Inkle (80 Days), not InXile.


Yeah, I knew whom I’m meant! I’ll leave the derp for posterity.


Haven’t seen these mentioned yet, I was checking out new releases for February.


I’ve been following Eastshade a bit. Very intrigued by the possibilities of a game about landscape painting.


@lordkosc, you know this is coming, right? You’re the one that made me aware of the first game.


I did, but thanks for the reminder, they didn’t have a Steam page for it yet when I was made aware. :)


Excellent! The first one was a delightful little casual game.


The 2d stuff looks ok, but the 3d videogame bits look kind of embarrassing. Really a bit off-putting.


This looks to be right up my alley.


It (Evil Bank Manager) now appears to be out of Early Access.

Those screenshots looked suspiciously similar to a game I bought for 97p years ago and never played. It says “2011 Traffic Manager” on the back of the (still in shrink) DVD case, by CyberPhobX and Excalibur-Publishing. So it’s definitely not a new game :)

Ooo. I liked the previous one. I think it was one of the first games I bought online, and I mainly did that as I was a fan of the band that made the music :) I’ve wishlisted it for now.


From the creators of NecroVision:

I hope chernobylite turns into its own subgenre of games. People everywhere will quit their jobs to create indie chernobylites, featuring permaradiation modes and randomized layouts of the Exclusion Zone.


You had me at Necrovision.


Did anyone ever play their last game ? Get Even?


Play, no (and I didn’t realize that game was theirs), but I did watch a Let’s Play and it seemed fairly interesting if rough around the edges.