Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Did anyone ever play their last game ? Get Even?


Play, no (and I didn’t realize that game was theirs), but I did watch a Let’s Play and it seemed fairly interesting if rough around the edges.


Evoland Legendary Edition was given out for free today to all owners of Evoland 2.


Oh, you and your digital board games! Actually this one is getting some good reviews, most notably from James Allen at Outof8, who I usually agree with.


Any Chinese speaking people want to give this a shot?


My GF gave this a few goes the other day as they were giving out alpha/beta/demo/whatever free keys. It kept failing to save her progress so she had to restart each time. I don’t know if that was a “feature” of the beta or a bug, so watch out!


I can attest the physical game is fun.


Also out on iOS.



That looks like a Tom non-request Monday game to me.


Evolution is a joy, and one of the most polished board game adaptations I’ve played. Great single player campaign that gradually unlocks new cards.


Good to hear. Did you get the iOS version @Misguided?


Oh that’s what that was. (My workplace blocks all content from Steam, so I can’t see embedded links or images from there.) Yeah, it’s pretty good. My kids and I play the physical game all the time, so I’ve been interested to see how the digital version stacks up, and it’s pretty slick.


I did. It’s free to try. 9.99 full unlock on sale for 7.99.

One annoyance. No text rules I can find. If you want to go back and check on how something works, you have to watch a video. We had a rough day here yesterday (car got stuck in snow) and this was pissing me off in an irrational way. I’m sure I can find the rules online, but for all the polish in this thing it seems like a silly omission.


Does it have async multiplayer?


Apparently not. I can understand why, since the round robin process of feeding your species would really slow things down if you were passing around turns among players.

But that and the lack of a rules reference are a pretty big strike against it given how good the rest of it is.



Ah, makes sense I guess. Thanks.


[PC]: Onto the game…We will be posting this interview along with our review on release day, so readers can hop over there to check out the details, but let’s just say we’re impressed with the feature list of Evolution. Having said that, we will, naturally, harp on the one missing feature…asynchronous online play. This feature is always a discussed topic in the community, could you elaborate on why the decision was made not to include this as an option?

[SR]: We’ve heard this one loud and clear, and Asynchronous (and pass and play) is coming soon, likely a few weeks! We didn’t plan for it originally as we thought the game wouldn’t play as well asynchronously; we were worried the feeding part would be slow. We’ve got a design now though where the AI can assist with feeding and speed it up, if desired. We also focused a ton on ensuring real time games are fast, including adding the ability for folks to act early and take their turn before their actual turn comes, without showing these plays to opponents. This allows folks to play simultaneously and speed things up. We assumed the fast real time games would be preferred, but we’ve heard our community and know some people just prefer to play async, so we’ll get it in there!


Great news! I wondered if there might be some way to just push through the feeding in a more simplified manner, similar to the way the Through the Ages port pushes through colony bids.

Now if they’d just provide some way to reference the rules, they’ll be all set!



Bring on the Tomsplaining.