Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)



It looks like they even kept the same main menu that’s awkwardly at a different resolution to the rest of the game. Now that’s dedication! :P

30 seconds is too much. Especially as I have to click “community hub” and then “videos”. If they can’t be bothered to put a relevant video in the video section on the Steam page – which is quite literally the first thing a prospective buyer sees when visiting a game’s page, then I can’t be bothered to go and find out about it.

Contrast it to the videos and images on:


Some of the guys on the Spire of Sorcery discord were talking about this one. I’ll be interested if anyone posts impressions, and first chance I’ll watch some 1.0 gameplay.


Not if you’re really interested in the game. Not for me, anyway, and I’m guessing I have a lot less time left on the planet than you do. :)


But how do I know of I’m interested or not?! A game needs to sell itself to me :)


So, an update on Heaven’s Vault, which I just finished.

I mentioned a lot of shagginess on the edges. I would say as the game progresses, you see a lot more of it. Piecing together certain chunks of text becomes unnecessarily fussy later on, as you have more words (probably seems counterintuitive, but it’s true). The openness of the story and of the environments you come to really restricts. And I never totally understood the economy of the game–how artifacts help you find locations and why you should translate things in the first place. I mean, it was fun to do, but I can’t tell where it helped me to have my terms right and where it didn’t matter.

The worldbuilding is very cool for the most part. There’s definitely a feeling of things being rushed at the end, so the game couldn’t totally do justice to the vision it has for its world. There were a few really evocative story beats, but at the same time, not many of them really felt like they paid off. I think they should have made the game slightly shorter in order to beef up and polish some of the later content.

I don’t regret the 12-ish hours I put into it, but I’m now having a harder time recommending this. Inkle needed a little bit better structure to their game and much better UI design. There are all the elements of an incredible game here, and they fulfill that promise in spots. I think in many ways they bit off more than they could chew.


Re: Driftland

Opening the options menu from the main menu locks up the game. Clicking on dialogue boxes to advance the campaign sometimes locks up the game. Both require an alt-tab to get out and close.

Purchase at your own risk.


LK tried Islanders – I am not sure ultimately what his opinion was. Looked kinda elegant to me. And sunny.


Yea, this kid does a bit of complaining about a prominent crash bug. I’ll be watching for a fix, the game is wishlisted and on my radar.


Free short game.


The horrific concept and trailer for this game just keep making me laugh. I can’t stop re-watching it and chuckling. Send help.



My god, look at Aaron Eckhart’s mustache! Does he have that in the whole movie? How does it not turn Sully into an absurdist comedy?



I don’t know exactly what I’m seeing here, but I think I want to see more of it.


One of the game’s devs posted this in the steam forum:

We combine in our game our main visual inspirations: strange medieval marginalia world, medieval stereotypes and archetypes, Monty Python humour and memes.

Me want. Now.


Same. Also reminds me of Rock of Ages.


Like Kingdom but without the one-button gimmick (ie the best part). Quite fun, parthfinding/UI could be improved but nothing major.

You have to build up your city/castle (in 2d) and then survive 13 nights of increasingly harder attacks.
I suspect it will soon be too hard for me, but for now I’m having fun (around night 5).


Thanks, you had me at Kingdom


I just got A Story About My Uncle. Neat game so far, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve got the others on my list to checkout as well.

It does seem quite different than Supraland. It is much more of a platformer and one of the things I enjoy about Supraland is the metroid influence.


@KristiGaines notified me of these fine looking pixels, game might be good also!