Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I am following a Let’s Play of this and it’s really freaking creepy and nuts. I just wish it had a better name. The Yuppie bit is…a little relevant, I guess? But the Psycho part to me conjures images of Patrick Bateman and this is something really else.

You had me until late 2020… then I just blanked out.

Might be fun, reviews are mixed.

It looks super cool. Has anyone played it?

From the developer of Furious Angels:

I refunded Afterburn. Sky Rogue is far more fun.

Saw this mentioned over on RPS:

Demo for those interested in pixels!


Islanders is getting a sandbox mode and other OS support.

So this came out today, and after one level, it’s FUCKING BRILLIANT.

I had a better time with a gamepad than a mouse/keyboard, but YMMV.

That sounds good, except the Eurogamer review said the first half of the game was a lot better than the second. Tom also just gushed about it on twitter, but I’m going to wait until more people have finished it to see if Eurogamer’s reaction was atypical or accurate.

How about a zip and a flip, courtesy of My Friend Pedro?




Were those gifs made by the game? I love that it does that.

Yeah, it saves a highlight each time you play through a level. You can either save it as a tidy little 5MB gif or post it directly to Twitter.


I picked up My Friend Pedro and played through it once. Getting S rank on all the levels will require quite an investment. I need some friendly score competition to have some (hopefully) intermediary goals. effidian on steam.

…and here is numero tres, “Type M”:

Hopefully this is on everyone’s wishlist. :)


(this I why I love you LK)

For Tom’s watchlist.