Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Hmmm, here or the spacey game thread?

Here it is.

This game sounds a bit more complex than FTL in terms of crew and ship management, but more chill in that you aren’t being pursued.

I sucked at FTL, never made it to the final boss in spite of too many hours playing the game. But it was addictive.

Am curious about others’ impressions of STtE.

It scratches that FTL itch, and it isn’t as unfair in terms of RNG screw in events. But unlike FTL which has a more “standard” level up and get gear phase for at least the first half of a run, in this game it’s attrition from the moment you start. There are almost no upgrades, you’re just trying to keep from decaying too much. And although it’s less spiky than FTL, that’s because it’s just permanently super hard from the beginning. I question whether it’s even possible to win starting from Sector 1, but you can start from any unlocked sector and I imagine most people that win at all just unlock a sector at a time until they reach the end.

There are also some exploit-y feeling mechanics in the game I’m not a fan of, like being able to instant swap modules to stop them from taking the last point of damage that causes them to be permanently lost.

Overall, it’s decent, but it could use some more tuning and design polish.

This is absolutely not like what I was expecting from it, especially reading the store front.
I guess I should have gotten a hint at the “by the creator of Telegitch”! Thank you for the description.

Yikes! In this way I’d say it is very much like FTL at least the way I played it.

@BrianRubin calls it “super fun” so there must be more to it than meets the eye.

Think I’ll wait and see on this title.

From co-developers of Realm of the Mad God:

Cute, but it’s a pretty transparent loot grind with microtransactions lurking in the progression curve. I guess Realm of the Mad God was the same way?


I’ve played a bit of Dicey Dungeons , which I quite enjoy. Not sure how long it will take for the novelty to wear off, but it is neat! You play battles as different classes that have their own systems for using dice. The Warrior use equipment, the Witch uses spells and the Robot uses… well, a calculator.

Each class has at least six or so levels, so the game feels contained but replayable.

My only caveat is that I don’t care for the music.

Arcade puzzler from Increpare, developer of Stephen’s Sausage Roll:

Soon, I will have enough games for a “Super Hexagonlike” category in my Steam library.

I was really struggling to categorize Expand. It’s not a platformer, it’s not an arcade game, it’s not a wanking simulator, it’s not a rhythm game… It’s a Super Hexagonlike. I think RPS even mentioned Cavanagh’s gem in the first line of their Expand article.
Anyway. I love Increpare, and they reward my love with only stern consternation.

@Chappers was kind enough to gift it to me, but fair warning: this is a crazy demanding reflex based game, at least at first. I couldn’t get past the first 10 seconds of gameplay simply because my hands can’t move that fast.

Tom seemed to really enjoy this tonight.

He seemed to, but maybe he just had gas.

Another board game conversion, this time a Euro style worker placement game, Looks like it may be worth checking out.

Haven’t tried it but intrigued. Here’s a mobile review.

Bought it and played the tutorial. There’s a campaign, a rarity for digital board games. I like what I see so far and look forward to diving in deeper.

[edit] The quibble in the review about no pass-and-play is irrelevant, as the copy I downloaded offers it. Must have been patched in post-release

From the developers of Death Road to Canada:

At last. A use for the Ultima II engine!

Rebel Cops will be available for PC, Xbox® One, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ on September 17th for just $9.99 / €9.99 offering 15 hours of challenging gameplay.