Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Nobody believed me when I warned them nu-metal was returning, if it ever really left us…

I don’t think it’s all that bad, and it may fit the bill but I don’t recognize nu metal unless it has some kind of rap in it. But yeah I remember this stuff playing when I walked by hot topic ten years ago, and linkin park’s big album was twenty years ago, so I don’t think it ever really went away.

Plus, you know, Asia (it’s still popular in Japan, Korea, and probably other countries over there):

Edit: I should probably say “popular” with quotes like this. I have no idea if it gets radio play or anything, I’m just going by the interwebs.

And it’s still popular in my living room!

Jeff Vogel’s new Spiderweb RPG. FYI. Out today!

Fuck yea, nice surprise.

Is this a new IP or related to an existing Spiderweb universe?

It’s new, planned to be a trilogy.

Never tried a Spiderweb game but the collective enthusiasm has convinced me to give Queen’s Wish a try. I bought it from the developers website. They have a phone number you can call to order the game. Charmed.

And there is a demo.

Anyone try the demo for this?

I haven’t, but that may be the first Humble-published game I’m interested in before it got bundled for me.

Why are the suns crying? Was someone mean to them?

That does look intriguing, but I’m not sure hexes have any business being in the same game as continuous time gameplay. It’s freaking me out a little.


I played a bit of this for the IGF competition, but didn’t get very far. It’s got come cool things going for it. Evocative art, as you can probably tell. The story is pretty intriguing (if explicated a little ploddingly sometimes). I liked some of the strategic-level game mechanics. However, the tactical combat, at the time, was a bit confusing and not a lot of fun. That was almost a year ago, so they’ve had plenty of time to tune and improve stuff.

The game I’d say it most resembles is Out There:

It is punishingly hard.

That looks damned cool.

It does,indeed.

From the makers of MiniMetro!

This, I think I can get in to. I played a lot of Mini Metro and traffic sounds even better!

Sounds like it could be a more robust version of Freeways, which was a great, if frustrating game:

I think this means I must get Apple Arcade now.