Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


@bobtree, you are so good at picking out interesting tidbits from all the dross! I don’t now how you do it, but keep it up.


@tomchick Thanks. TLDR: I look at everything.

A couple years ago (early 2017) when the Steam release rate was really exploding, I stopped trusting game news sites to catch the interesting releases and started looking at all the new games on Steam. My wishlist grows 1 or 2 games per day on average (currently 1337, no joke, and 1020 owned, ~550 played on Steam, 5k ignored), and it’s fun to share the notable ones.

I also gave up on backlog guilt and completion-ism, and I started buying big piles of cheapies on sale, bundled, etc. I used to be seriously elitist about my purchases, but knowing it’s impossible to keep up with the release rate, I chose to support worthwhile games as patronage and celebrate the abundance. When my friends bemoan that there are “too many games”, I say there is no such thing.

My daily routine is to look at the new releases unfiltered, open store pages for anything action or strategy, and to mostly skip visual novels, adventure, RPGs, hidden object, clickers, casual, and obvious low-effort filler. I spend too much time tagging and flagging bad tags, but I figure it’s helpful in the long run. Usually I will Google-translate non-english descriptions to tag them. This all can take an hour or two, but it’s time I would have spent reading about games anyway. I use the Augmented Steam browser extension to add notes to my wishlist, and ITAD for prices & notification.

I used to be like you. Then there was a syncing problem while logging into Steam, and “voom”, all my tags were permanently deleted. Now I just shit-post to their platform as much as I can. :D

Do you ever use the Steam micro-trailers page?
It doesn’t take that long to browse, and it means you’ll never miss a (Steam) game again.

I used to do that until a couple of years ago Steam made it incredibly hard to access it from their “client” (near impossible actually on the Mac client).
Thank you very much for the effort!
I still miss @amandachen’s same vein of posts about releases, though.

Well, there’s something I never thought I’d see.

Knights of the Chalice is now available on Steam


The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle;

…but the flagon with the dragon holds the brew that is true.

Until someone broke the flagon with the dragon. Now the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.

Man, that takes me back. Danny Kaye was awesome. Was Basil Rathbone playing the main villain in that one, as he had in the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood?

But a day later, in another thread…

Rubin saved my wallet (thank you!).

My work here is done.

Why is your work saving @tylertoo’s wallet but destroying mine!

Wow, those are some big open levels!

I hope it delivers.

Do you know if previous owners get a free steam key? I’d like to add it to steam and give it a review.

I disagree with Brian. I’m loving the game, the combat and the planetary exploration, and don’t find it boring at all. In fact, of all of my recent purchases (which are far too many!), it’s my favorite.


Crying Suns is on my radar, gotta find time to play the demo.

This Crying Suns review on Steam gives me pause, “Having to start from scratch at the start of each new chapter undermines the “getting stronger” and sense of actual progression aspect of the game. Worse than this…there’s no logical explanation given to you in game as to why this is …which is jarring considering the game goes to such effort to explain everything else…including even death and re trying.”

Looks like you reboot with two officers and basic ship at start of next run. I only played the demo and it was wicked hard, but reviews like this don’t motivate me to buy the game.

Can anyone confirm or refute reviews like this?

I’m 3+ hours into the game, but am only on Sector 2 (of 3) of Chapter 1. Based on what I’ve read, though, you do start from scratch after you complete a Chapter, but you also unlock more advanced battleships and officers after each run (also based on what I’ve read and the fact that I rescued an advanced officer during a planetary expedition).