Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Just saw this on my mac activity thread:

Anybody heard of it?

FWIW, there’s a report on the Steam forum that the screen shaking can be disabled.

Make Screen Shake Optional posts info regarding screen shake options, which will show up on the relevant Steam store pages if you follow the curator (the community group is here). I really hate screen shaking and contribute frequently.

Ah, in truth I didn’t think screen shakes bothered me much (I thought there was lot of… pixely junk flying everywhere, making me confused), but the screen shakes probably didn’t help and I may claim I have issue with it because that’s one hell of cool sounding club to be part of!

Edit: I tried to find it in the Steam client using the curators search… and Valve won’t return it. Search engines are so rigged, everywhere…

I don’t want to rip the Galaxy a new wormhole.

Pilgrims – a little adventure game. I like the art style.

created by the team behind Machinarium

Yup, I’ll be playing it for sure, thanks for the head’s up @FinnegansFather

I see* what you did there…

* I wanted to use “hear” there, but alas it doesn’t work…

Okay this would belong to the Nintendo Switch section, being a Nintendo game, but it looks so weird I wanted to post it here. It just popped up on the European store.

The title claim has me worried, but besides that, the… purpose? of the game is so weird.
I am expecting something somewhat in the vein of Mike Singleton’s games maybe?
I am cautiously intrigued.

Oh, it’s on Steam!

Yeah, Silk is a PC game, they just recently did the Switch port in time for launch. It’s directly inspired by Mike Singleton’s Lords of Midnight. I kickstarted it (hey, it was 5 bucks!) and looking forward to trying it. LoM was way ahead of its time as a strategy game, but I haven’t played it for decades, so it’ll be interesting to see how the design holds up.


That Roman “legionnaire” drives me batty.

Another good looking adaptation is now out. I’ve never played any of the games using this system (more coming to Steam in the next few months) but there is a demo available and I plan to check it out ,having finished reading the rules.

No multiplayer :(

A two player wargame that doesn’t allow for the second player to actually play. That’s weird.

It has 2-player Hot Seat mode.

Wishlisted this, looks interesting.

It seems it’s Frecnh, so I hope it will be as janky as it is the custom there.

Just spent some time being pleasantly amused (and a little bit educated) by Forgetful Dictator on Steam. It’s geography quiz masquerading as a strategy game, with triva questions, flag naming and capitol guessing too, but I found it strangely appealing.

Rise to Ruins has left early access. Recommended.

Ichor is an older fluid physics arcade game (the free version was from 2006). It’s simple but very pleasant and nuanced and mechanically unique. The new Steam release is much smoother (maybe GPU accelerated), with difficulty settings and reworked rules that are generally more forgiving (a tip: the green dot pickups are important). It runs on Windows 7 despite the listed requirement for 10. Mouse & gamepad controls both work fine, but the high mouse speed feels a bit like cheating. I always liked the original but felt it needed more work, and this is a very nice update.