Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Any game that lets me create things that have various abilities is a day one purchase.

So, I got Tower of Time for free on GOG during the holiday giveaway and just started a game to try it out. I just finished the first level and my immediate reaction is wow, why isn’t there a thread for this game here? It leaves a great first impression. It seem really, really polished. As good as a AAA game in that department, imo. The combat is fun and innovative. There’s lots of interesting skill and equipment choices. It seems like a top tier RPG game from what I’ve played so far.

So what exactly am I missing here? Does it turn to total crap later on? It seems like it should be really popular here and have a thread of its own but instead there are very few posts about it.

Because there is one, and the game doesn’t seem to have much substance after that great first impression.

Hmm, I wonder why search didn’t turn that up for me. This was the thread that popped up instead. Weird.

I was afraid that the first impression would be misleading. But the Steam reviews are 86% positive so I thought maybe not. I’ll keep playing and see for myself, I guess. Thanks.

This is an early access F2P Super Mario Bros parody battle royale. Definitely watch the trailer.

Saw Splattercat playing this one. On looking at the steam page, noticed Pirates Outlaws is already a Mobile game. On iOS for a dollar. Generic name, but otherwise appears to be a delightful deck builder in the Slay the Spire mold. No idea pig the long term outlook, but definitely worth a try.

One thing I didn’t realize at first is that when moving on to a new zone your ship health doesn’t reset, so that’s something to budget for in longer runs

LK I was home feeling terrible today so I gave myself a day off and played this all day… it may need its on thread soon, it is that good.

That doesn’t make it any easier to resist it.

It’s still early access. Resist away.

I wish Discourse had a setting to blur any Steam link to a game still in early access!


You could just ban anyone who posts one.

Or just throw a custom title on there. Plenty of room for creativity!

It does look pretty good. :)

Wildermyth and Trials of Fire are 2 EA games calling me. They both seem so good.

Wildermyth is one of the great EA games, felt like it can be released as is. Great of them to keep adding content and polishing it.

I dunno - i’ve played about 3hrs and the “random” story bits get repetitive. I’m gonna wait until I play more Wildermyth. It’s a solid start for sure.

You know how I manage to resist buying early access titles these days? By getting old. At this point I’m not interested in investing in a game I may not live to see finished.

Alternatively, you might want to experience a game that won’t be finished before you shuffle off this mortal coil!

I agree with Kristi. This game has a special … something going on. Very cool concept and execution. Can’t wait for more content =)