Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Wildermyth and Trials of Fire are 2 EA games calling me. They both seem so good.

Wildermyth is one of the great EA games, felt like it can be released as is. Great of them to keep adding content and polishing it.

I dunno - i’ve played about 3hrs and the “random” story bits get repetitive. I’m gonna wait until I play more Wildermyth. It’s a solid start for sure.

You know how I manage to resist buying early access titles these days? By getting old. At this point I’m not interested in investing in a game I may not live to see finished.

Alternatively, you might want to experience a game that won’t be finished before you shuffle off this mortal coil!

I agree with Kristi. This game has a special … something going on. Very cool concept and execution. Can’t wait for more content =)

Something about the gameplay I’ve seen for wildermyth didn’t grab me, but it was all very early (First hour). The concept seemed cool

I have already played Dwarf Fortress.

F2P early access 4X TBS card game. Requires a 3rd party account. Rules are on their wiki.

I like exactly half of those things!


I figured it out!

Yea, it gets repetitive after a bit. But that’s the same for most games =).
It’s a great start. I hope they can improve it. Looks like a hit in the making,

Not to mention that it appears to be multi-player only. Pfui.

Anyone play this Time Warpers thing? It looks neat.

I refuse to play clickers because I fall for them every goddamn time. No more clickers, I tell you! None!

Well, after this one. I’m just gonna try it real quick, but not actually play it.



I look forward to your report with dispatch, sir.

I’d recognize that cookie clicker screenshot anywhere! :)

I generally avoid early access games as I’ve felt disappointed by each one I’ve ever bought, but I think I’m going to try this one out anyway. It looks great and the mod support could lead to some interesting things in the future.