Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Does anyone have any experience with this game? It popped up in my game queue today and the Steam ratings look good. I’m wondering if it’s worth a flyer at some point.

Paging @LordGek. Your feedback has been requested.

(Spoiler: he gave it a thumbs-up Steam review.)

Weird it did the same for me too. Feedback form anyone that played it would be great. The Dev seems to be active which is great.

I enjoy it, like how your character can really start uniquely with all of the races, classes, and game modes to choose from. They also build in some fun unlocking carrot on a stick action as, not only are there all of these races and classes to unlock, each race and class has many unique cards to unlock which require you to play with each of them to earn credit in their “mastery”.

One bit I can’t claim to fully get is how the many synergies interact with one another.

Thanks! I’ve added it to my list.

I found this in my discovery queue yesterday and added it to my wishlist. This is just the kind of small indie game that i really enjoy.

Early access hack and slash roguelike, and it looks to have fairly deliberate pacing. I’m getting dark fantasy anime Unexplored vibes. Keeping an eye on this.

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan is an action adventure game. You may think of Rick Dangerous, but while the game requires some learning, it isn’t the “learn by heart” play of that ancestry. It’s more akin to LA-MULANA if it was a lot shorter, a lot fairer and not as amazing. Don’t take this as a counter-recommendation: LA-MULANA is just out of this world, in all its excesses.
This game has got the right amount of difficulty for me. The secrets haven’t been too complicated thus far. There are plenty of instadeaths, but the great controls don’t make them overly frustrating — and a checkpoint isn’t usually too far away. Breaking scret blocks everywhere is very rewarding for me.
Speaking of checkpoints, the game autoloads on death. It also skips cutscenes you have seen once, even if you die and your save is older: that’s the sort of details that show a major attention to the player in my opinion.

The game is also available, on sale, at the very same price for the Switch on the European store, and even at the same discount. It’s priced 20$ in the US. Weird regional pricing.

I have a game with the exact same musical track as the first video. I just can’t remember which game.

Wild retro shoot 'em up.

This looks amazing! Thanks for bringing it up

Is The President A Traitor (spoiler:yes) is on my wish list, but 20 magic beans is more than I’m willing to gamble on a title I know nothing about and haven’t seen in action.

This looks cool:

NOISE1 A posthuman stealth/horror terminal-operated unicode space opera.

That looks fascinating, thanks for the heads up!

This trailer is worth a look for just how obsessively meticulous it is.

Roguelike fantasy gladiatorial turn-based combat. I was very interested and grabbed it as soon as it came out this morning, but, cannot play until after work.

Let us know if you are not entertained. (I put this on my wishlist so I really do want to know.)

I am very entertained!

I have played four or five runs. The first couple were short, one I crippled myself and abandoned to restart.

Last run went very well! I got a troll who was reckless, who after one or two fights got the perk ‘thoughtful’. I like to think the two were related.

My second much better troll is an intellectual…

My werewolf is the standout. Between perks/stats/equipment he smashes enemies across the battlefield.

The knockback from hits in the game is truly satisfying. Very fun to send an opponent flying into another, both taking damage from the collision! Even better when the hit knocks both of them out.

Between the equipment, stats, loot, perks, skills, and titles that your gladiators can earn there is a lot of variety.

So far a definite thumb’s up from me!

Thanks! That sounds great. A big emperor’s thumbs up to you, sir.