Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I watched a bit of a playthrough on Youtube this morning, and this game is really dark. I commend the developers from not shying away from the horrors of the Reich, but I found what I saw in the video so disturbing I’m not sure I could play the game. I may get it anyway as a show of support.

Every time someone posts here my wishlist gets longer. Hate you all! <3

Also this looks neat:

Review of Here Be Dragons.

Generally positive, with a couple notable problems.

This game isn’t new and it’s too cool to be on Steam, but something recently reminded me of it and got me playing it again (I’ve finished it a few times).

Hero Core is a black-and-white shooty-exploration game that distills so many great design ideas into a smart tiny package. In particular, it’s enemy and boss design is exquisite. I also think the art and music are tremendous.

And, Hero Core is free! Play it, you won’t be disappointed.


Dark Souls meets Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. Kicking fools off cliffs never gets old.

Please Mr Chick @tomchick sir, can we have some more streaming please sir? I think you would be so good at Elderborn!

Well, I don’t know about this Elderborn thing, but I am going to stream some Void Bastards*, which I’m rilly good at.


* speaking of little indie games worth knowing about

Wide Ocean, Big Jacket is a short narrative game that’s just packed with sweet and funny stuff. It was one of my favorite games from the Independent Games Festival judging, and got a nomination for Best Narrative. What I like most about the game is how it is happy to bounce around between characters and scenes and styles of play in order to tell its story.

It’s on Steam,, and Switch.

I finished it today, it took about six hours, and I legit cried at the end.

Ran across this in my youtube stream. It’s a roguelike that has artwork like Darkest Dungeon and a pathway mechanic that looks like Slay the Spire. So it’s double cool!

This is a streamer giving it a shot, it shows off the game mechanics, etc, pretty well.

Shit, I really did not need another game like that… But it looks good.

A simple and chill little free game of growing plants and decorating:

I’ve been enjoying Dicey Dungeons as a game to play while I eat. low key, turn based, some interesting choices. I found my first class that I don’t like - the inventor. I’m not a fan that I’m forced to pick a piece of equipment to get rid of, to give me a new gadget that may be worse than the gadget I already have.

The start of the second video on the Steam page in particular could be directly lifted from Lords of the Realm in terms of mechanics…but that’s not a bad thing.

The very best hybrid deck builder, collectable card game, turn based tactical battler I have ever had the pleasure to get addicted to - Faeria - is free on Epic Games starting next week. You should definitely give it a go.

I pretty much exclusively play Pandora mode, which is is a mode where you draft a deck of 30 cards by choosing 1 of 3 cards 30 times. There is lots of excellent single player content and you can play with constructed decks, and play PvE coop. I just love the Pandora mode so much I barely leave it.