Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

This is out today on Steam. I kickstarted it, so I’ll be giving it a try later. A lot of reviews have been very good, although apparently people who famously don’t like Deus Ex don’t like this either. (Wait a second… I didn’t like Deus Ex… Luckily I’m not famous for it.)

To me, in the same vein

Oh, no one should take my opinion of In Other Waters with much seriousness! I only played the early parts. It does look like it’s doing some cool alien ecology stuff like Surviving Mars did. And there could be an intriguing Observer-style story down the line, in terms of how the player and protagonist relate to each other. But I just wasn’t into the text-based approach to building an alien world. My feeling – which is perhaps unfair – is that if you can’t reach the level of Fallen London, 80 Days, or Disco Elysium, I’m not really interested in a game that relies on a lot of reading.

But I hope folks that play it will post about it, because I am kind of curious where it goes.


Did you mean Surviving Mars here, or Waking Mars? Surving Mars was a city builder by the Tropico guys, and I only ever played the tutorial, but don’t remember any cool alien ecology stuff.

Waking Mars on the other hand, was a game all about cool alien ecology :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts! I think this is a totally valid opinion. Similarly, I expect platformers to have pretty exceptional physics and feel; it’s kinda essential. It’s why Psychonauts is a great setting and a pretty crappy game!

Anyway, I like UI-driven gameplay like Observation, etc, and a relaxing tone, so I’m feeling hopeful about it.

Sadly, what you describe is exactly the kind of narrative that has become quite proeminent in recent years and that I really do not like. The way a lot of modern games talk to “you”, the player, is something that I cannot relate to, in a bit of a similar fashion in which I can’t understand the so-called social media. The more something intends to “pull me in”, the more I resist, and I can’t help it.

This is what was very appealing to me as well. I’ll wait for your opinions!

Gah, thank you! Waking Mars, of course. Why can’t vidjagames have more distinctive names?

Ooh, lookit that. I wonder if it will have skiing, like Tribes.


I bet you can eat the snow to stop the enemy from seeing you.

Only if it’s not yellow.

it’s out on PS4, perfect fit for playing from the couch. Bought it again.

A lets play showed up for Sentinels of Freedom showing gameplay. I ran to steam…and its still not out :( I actively envy the guy who got to play this…grrrr. I want to play this more than Gears Tactics, which is my one mainstream game this year I’m really looking forward to

Well its worth this visit, under you might also like this one came up!

Bought. and its ok, but the interface is a serious turn off for me. Played a few hours, but barely worth the price reduction on sale

Inkle are just starting to show off their next game, coming this summer. Pendragon is a narrative strategy game set in Arthurian times:

It’s a small touch, but kudos to them for not making Guinevere the usual Disney princess.

Yeah although I fail to see her rescuing Arthur!

Update on Tactical Breach Wizards.

So do the wizards loose their powers if they are not wearing that ridiculous hat?

C’mon, having the ability to bend the laws of nature is nothing if you can’t look stylish while doing it. ;)

You can tell Tom enjoyed Into the Breach.