Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Armed to the Gears looks a lot like Brigador, which I love.

ok, not too sure what to think about this one, but after glancing through the screenshots, it looks like its otherwise copying XCOM right down to the geoscape

Is it “afrofuturist” because the characters dress like they’re from that Gods of Egypt movie?

Just saw a recommendation for this, a match-3 game about mining which progresses maybe a bit like Steamworld Dig (a world of linked spaces to move through, not just one-off single screen puzzles).

The recommendation came from this site, which I will recommend for… uh… recommendations.

I’ll probably grab Plebby Quest - I like the look of the characters. Sort of Battle Brothers meets the cards from Alice in Wonderland

This just popped up on my Google news feed. It certainly sounds interesting…

Any impressions of Plebby Quest thus far? It looks to be in my wheelhouse but the Steam info also seems a bit… scattered.

Watching the video linked above, it reminded me of one of the Holy Potatoes! games. I’m not sure how I feel about the mini-games, and comments on Steam make it sound a bit grind-y.

I was thinking for a Black Panther vibe, but yours works to…

I was interested when I saw it explored Afrofuturism, but then lost interest when I read about its combat being an auto-battler. I will maintain my current level of interest until a finished product is delivered and reviewed.

Enjoying both Ancient Enemy and SpelunKing so far. The latter is scarily addictive. Ancient Enemy is basically Shadowhand for a more hard-core audience. The equipment and combat mechanics are a step deeper, and the story/theme is dark fantasy instead of swashbuckling romance.

I dunno. I looked forward to Shadowhand for a long time, and when in finally played it, I was kind of whelmed. The monologue in just the opening bouts of As n ccg unenthusiastic Enrmy seems rather self-indulgent and while I want to like it, can’t help but feel it will turn out the same.

What’s so addictive about SpelunKing? Not usually big on that style of match-3.

Young Justice reference? Cause awesome if i caught it lol

I’d bounced off this one twice, but once i got a handle on how to manage the game I absolutely LOVE this game. Despite automated space and ground battles, this game has plenty of depth and strategy to it. I think it succeeded where MOO3 failed. Also the EoFS blended with a boardgame vibe doesn’t hurt it at all! 20 hours in and about 1/2 way through the campaign.

This is on my wish list and it keeps going on sale. Perhaps when I get some time I’ll give it a try.

Hmm. Ancient Enemy is extremely similar to Puzzle Quest in that they took solitaire and welded an RPG onto that bad boy. For me, its current price is perfect: any more and I’d feel vaguely annoyed, any less and I’d feel like I got a deal.

In case anyone’s wondering, plenty of the abilities you get are designed to mitigate the crappy randomness inherent in solitaire, so yeah, they designed around that.

Afraid not.

If you didn’t like Shadowhand’s gameplay, you probably wouldn’t like Ancient Enemy. It’s slightly deeper, but it’s still the same core. And if you don’t like match-3, you probably won’t like SpelunKing, but if you’re like me and you just get bored of playing it the same way all the time, then this provides a similar kind of progressional wrapper that Puzzle Quest did that makes it interesting long-term.