Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

DasTactic has a series of vids that made it look pretty good. I’ve Wishlisted it for now.

orald is sad that his laptop likely won’t run this game though I am eager for this game to turn out well so that I can live vicariously through others play.

Sorta hoping Wildfire will end up in a Humble choice bundle or eventually in the Trove, since it’s a Humble published game…

Also, holy crap, I thought we already had a glut of roguelike card games, but now I think the glut might just be getting started!

Ran across an adventure/puzzle game with a different aesthetic this morning… sorry boys it’s not a card-building roguelike.

There is demo available

Also, its kickstarter is ending soon:

This absolutely incredible city-building engine has been shown off for awhile by the dev (maker of Bad North) on Twitter. It’s coming to Steam soon, apparently not really a game, but a “toy.” I find it just astonishing.

I could see that being an amazing tool for GMs, especially with some tileset options


Today, COVID: The Outbreak joins the growing number of Covid games being rushed to market.

It actually looks quite decent.

New sequel from Hijong Park, like an arcade 3D Desert Strike.

Platforming arcade puzzle.

Free arcade puzzle.

Souls-like platformer satire.

Cute build too, but I wish there was a game though. Maybe one day.

Yowza, jumping on this!

Taste the savings!

Retro SRPG auto battler remake.

This is quite a fallacious store page:
this isn’t only the port of a 30 years old (and not very good) game, it looks like it’s the Steam version of the 15 years old remake of the 30 years old (and not very good) game.

Pixel graphics top down shooter, like Isaac or Gungeon.

Pixel graphics side-view boss rush, Souls-like combat.

A bundle of over 740 items (not a typo), some of which you may have heard of (tonight we riot, loot rascals, a short hike, super hexagon, midboss, wheels of aurelia, to name a few) but many you haven’t. All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.

omg, goodbye productivity.

I tried the demo (on, perhaps obviously). It is my jam.