Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Yowza, jumping on this!

Taste the savings!

Retro SRPG auto battler remake.

This is quite a fallacious store page:
this isn’t only the port of a 30 years old (and not very good) game, it looks like it’s the Steam version of the 15 years old remake of the 30 years old (and not very good) game.

Pixel graphics top down shooter, like Isaac or Gungeon.

Pixel graphics side-view boss rush, Souls-like combat.

A bundle of over 740 items (not a typo), some of which you may have heard of (tonight we riot, loot rascals, a short hike, super hexagon, midboss, wheels of aurelia, to name a few) but many you haven’t. All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.

omg, goodbye productivity.

I tried the demo (on, perhaps obviously). It is my jam.

Was this posted yet? Looks intersting.

I am a fan of that guy, been watching his videos (not all of them, but most are appropriate enough) with my older kids.

I wish I could get him to run UAT on some of our work software.

I have my eye put in a few EA (or soon to be EA) games:

Hardspace is a really novel concept that I think it will be a cool game between chill experience, dismantling ships bit by bit, without hurry and a sense of tension and danger because you can fuck it up.
At first I thought Is this going to really be a success? How many people are interested in something this niche? But it could be something the the Snowrunner/Mudrunner series, and have more audience than I believed at first. The video has 1.2M views!

Dracula is an action roguelite that seems to aim to have lots of content and be very action driven

Godking is a game heavily inspired by Conquest of Elysium. Interesting to see someone that isn’t Illwinter to take a stab to the formula. And it seems to have more budget, lol

Gunfire Rebort is a FPS-roguelite, still green in EA, but it’s having a positive reception

And including some prominent indie tabletop RPG PDFs, including Blades in the Dark and Troika!

Lancer looks cool as well. They have passed 2 mil now.

Ha! That would be awesome. I would be disappointed to really know just how many bugs I’ve got though. :)

Oh, Lancer is the one by the Kill Six Billion Demons guy! I’m-a buy me this now.

Shipbreaker looks intriguing. I’ve been wondering why this doesn’t exist ever since playing Patchwork Heroes on PSP, years ago.

Short rogue-lite metroidvania.