Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Yikes, I would just keep the account ;)

Yeah I think I will follow that advice! :)

I just completed it, after around 7 hours! Excellent game! I really, really enjoyed it! I rarely complete games, but this was something really special.

That sounds awesome. Apparently they have more planned for the game as well.

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Rustler, a GTA 1/2 throwback where you play a horse thief, has a demo out, which looks kinda cool.

Ray’s the Dead finally has a demo, I kickstarted this like 4 years ago.

Still puts you way ahead of me and Barkley 2!

Retro metroidvania, sequel to Alwa’s Awakening.

Retro SRPG, sequel to Chaos Sector.

It has a demo now, and it is dope as fuck. I mean, I would say that, because this is basically Resident Evil through a Thief filter and those are two of my of my favourite things, but still.

Wow, it’s even not afraid to LOOK like Thief! (That’s not a backhanded compliment, I should say. I think nostalgia and tone are more effective than realism.)

I mean you can never accuse newblood about being subtle with their influenves - they literally registered the url for this.

Haha, oh wow. Love it.

Quantic Dream games now on Steam: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

EGS exclusive now on Steam.

I tried the demo of this, and it’s very slick, but the screen shaking can’t be disabled.

@BrianRubin approved SF puzzle platformer.

Something Ate My Alien is SO GOOD YOU GUYS.

This just dropped:

Taking inspiration from classics such as Quarantine and Crazy Taxi

Prooobably gonna buy it if I don’t get the key I asked for so I can stream it. ;)

Oh boy it looks like Quarantine for sure.

Ahhhhhhh! Mining!

Not a game per se but an emulator that makes NES games pseudo-3D. RPS did a little blurb on it this morning:

Myth clone, has a demo.