Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I counted 30 characters that I knew, and a few more that I wasn’t totally sure.

Slormancer, an indie action rpg, it seems Diablo with part of the PoE upgrade system and direct controls.

Watched some footage of Slormancer a couple of days ago. Looks like massive amounts of depth.

Came here to post about the Slormancer…looks pretty good (and I usually hate pixel games!). Unfortunately, the only video I could find of someone playing it on YouTube was a streamer who spent 90% of the time talking about something else instead of the game. :/ But the game itself looks quite good.

lol, must have been wanderbot. That stream was…weird. Here’s a different one

RPS mentioned this one, by Robert Yang, a name some may recognize:

The artist’s statement linked on the game’s page has had me giggling, but it’s also quite thoughtful.

Storm Boy is just over $1 during the sale.


You can feed fish to the pelicans!

How do you get these fish?

Fish are apparently provided to you by a fisherman, he gives you a bucket of them.


Dominions 5 is on sale

I put it here as only Dominions players will enter in the Dominions thread, the point here is making it known for non-Dominions players.

Dominions 5 is currently $18 on Gamersgate.

Creeper World Demo Available

Songs of Syx has a new video and prototype out, featuring the regions and trade system. It definitely is still an alpha level of development, but there are some very promising systems within, and the base of city building is already fun to tinker with (I’m a backer). If he gets the UI polished, and a clearer meta (regional war, etc) this will be a seriously good game IMO. For now it’s a seriously good set of systems that need a few goals or pressure points. The Steam beta is due for September, I hope he is willing to hold off long enough to get that in, as I think that will make or break it’s initial impact.

Townscaper is out in Early Access today. Not really a game, just a building toy. But it’s quite intriguing to play around with.

I look forward to Townscaper becoming a game. I’m going to hold off buying it until it is one though.

Sony doing a playstation Indies thing today. Here’s the first, looks cool.


@TimJames might dig the combat.

Could be fun. Chinese indies are working on most of the new stuff in this genre.

It really just makes me wonder when Sakuna will ever get released.

Maquette, environmental puzzle thing

New Amanita Design ame Creaks

What if Dark Souls but Hellraiser: