Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


That does look fantastic. Wishlisted.

It also makes me curious if there’s any equivalent of the HotShots golf franchise on PC.

IDK. I played Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the Gamecube, also by Camelot.

I’ve been tempted by Wonder Wickets which is more like retro arcade mini-golf.

Pangya/Albatross18 was close though the servers shut down in 2016. Apparently NCSoft is working on a remaster of the mobile version of it that will also be playable on PC. There was also a good PSP version that stripped out all of the Korean F2P MMO crap.

I don’t know if this is worth knowing about, but it makes me kind of want “My Frop Bog”:

(It was in my discovery queue. Because of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Go home, discovery queue, you’re drunk.)

Kinda bizarre that this is the number 1 hit on the Mac App Store, and yet the Steam version is Windows only.

My Koi looks like it may appeal to the part of me that fell in love with Master of Pottery…

Puzzle platformer from Amanita Design.

VR adventure/sandbox/godgame from Eric Chahi.

Jets’n Guns 2 is out of early access!

No Mac version yet ;_;


It’s good, but it’s also really short. Banking on NG+/multiple playthroughs is fairly standard in this genre so it’s not a deal breaker but if you’re expecting the first game’s level of content you might be disappointed.

From the developers of Launch Party.

Pikmin-like action RTS.

Rogue-lite turn based tactics.

This looks… amazing!

Oh hell yeah, it’s out!

I just know that had to be from the folks that brought us Ace of Seafood.

Is the first rule of Fightcrab that you must hit your opponent’s weak spot for massive damage?

Very possible that it is. I enjoyed the screenshots of the crabs jousting.

My life as a crab.

They obviously missed a trick by not licensing these guys for the soundtrack:


Now immortal, these crabs cannot be killed by gun nor blade.
However, there is one crustacean rule by which all must live:
“He who turns his back to the ground shall know defeat…”

It’s crab sumo!