Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Watched some footage of this a couple days ago and it seemed pretty cool.

Too Curious, Too Expeditious

Good point. I did forget to mention that, but that was partly due to me never doing it in the game. It was mostly due to me forgetting. Arthurian Xcom is a good way of putting it.

Curious Expeditions - like Alien and Aliens

Curiou2 Expedition

I’ve been eyeing autobattlers lately, looking for something with some depth to it with interesting builds and itemization. I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for: Astronarch

There is a lot going on in this one. Each character you can pick from has a passive and an active ability. These can be upgraded. Items can also be upgraded (and there’s a ton of variety with plenty of synergies). You start with three characters and add one more after each boss.

There’s also a morale system that represents the overall health of the party. You lose a point each time a hero is knocked out. Game over occurs when morale hits zero, so you can party wipe and still keep going (unless you lose to a boss).

The art style is goofy and animations nonexistent, but I really like the variety and interplay of systems here. I know some people don’t like a ton of metaprogression in games. I think the only unlocks May be new characters.

Got rolled by the first boss on my first run and can’t wait to try again. Trying to decide which rewards to pick and what to upgrade was already making for tough decisions, which I love.

Love the concept (there’s a Kairosoft game with the same theme, but it’s pretty obtuse), and the theme is much more appealing than Golftopia, but I’m happy to wait for this to come out of EA.

Astronarch is great, nice find! I am so glad to see something that’s actually out rather than early access! I keep getting to the King and getting demolished…

I can’t decide if I want a “random heroes” option or if that would be impossible. I probably want one.

The dev is really active on the steam forums. He yesterday after I mentioned getting wrecked by the king that he is the hardest of the act 3 bosses and he’s been eyeing a nerf to him.

But yeah, the game is fantastic, and he’s still actively developing it. I’d love to see more event variety, personally.

Yeah I feel like every one of these types of games have this problem. And that’s the biggest reason not to jump on early access I feel like, they usually haven’t developed enough events yet. At least the events in this game present interesting choices! It’s usually a tough decision, whether losing lives to gain a permanent bonus, or which permanent bonus to pick.

I finally beat a run! I didn’t get the King so that helped. I had gladiator as the tank and paladin and cleric to back him up. But the real winner was that the cleric had both “earns 6 mp/sec” and “active ability requires less mp after every cast” items so the tanks had to have just enough to survive the first 15 seconds or so and then the cleric was keeping everyone topped up.

Which boss did you get in act 3? I got owned by the hydra earlier.

And btw, @iguanaDitty I asked if more events were planned and the dev said:

Yes, there is a big free update coming at the end of Feb which will add more of everything, including a new mode. I’m open to ideas for events if you had any, maybe just start a new discussion if that’s the case.

I won my first run! It was basically my Paladin and pro doing all the heavy lifting. Got a crazy item on the Paladin that gave me a shield every five seconds that scaled with defense. With that and the upgraded enchanter’s armor making him immune to most status effects, he was very tough to bring down.

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Which boss did you get in act 3? I got owned by the hydra earlier.

I won my first run!

The Balrog Spawn seems to be the one boss in act 3 I can beat. I almost had the Hydra with some weird combination of characters but I got too greedy with saving my potions…and the damn thing would not go down.

I’m excited to see the game expand, it’s everything I hoped a PvE autobattler would be.

I have undervalued the enchanter’s armor I think, being immune to most statuses sounds amazing.

Yeah, it starts out with just fire, but adds others when upgraded, including poison and bleed I think. With a Final bastion giving over 500 shield every 5 seconds, it was pretty strong against most anything that isn’t piercing.

Unconventional action-roguelike. Some youtube footage.

From the developers of Atlantic Fleet and Cold Waters.

This looks great! Love the art direction!

Just a demo but I really enjoyed it. Great small town mystery feel.

Oh nice! Added this to my list of festival demo samples!

has anyone tried…

Now THIS is a game that gets how to play superman!!! It only has about half hour of content, and then random missions thereafter, even still i played it for hours and found myself giggling in joy more than a few times. Its just so darn super heroic, and its free…

Loop Hero is one of the demos out currently and is really neat. Apologies if the below link is incorrect.

It’s a really interesting combo of autobattler, tile layer(!), resource gatherer, town builder, and a bit of deckbuilder. Let me break that down:

Your little goofily represented hero walks around a trail that is a bit like a racetrack. There are occasional critters, at the beginning just slimes. When your hero hits one, they perform an autobattle. After the battle you earn equipment and tiles.

The tiles you can play on the board to either add new critters to the trail or add certain bonuses to your hero. And if you play certain tiles next to each other you get bigger/different bonuses. And as I discovered if you lay tiles in certain formations, you get a new feature; eg, a bunch of rocks and a mountain in the middle, you get a really big mountain peak. Which adds a harpy monster to the map and gives you a much bigger life bonus than the individual rocks/mountains do.

Most every thing you do seems to earn you resources, which once you go all the way around the trail you can go back to camp and use to build up your settlement. Which seems to unlock new classes and tiles and give you other bonuses. And before you set off again you get a little deckbuilding to determine what tiles you are going to be able to draw in the next round.

I really enjoy the discovery feel of finding out what laying tiles in certain formations will do. I’ll be keeping an eye out for its release in March.