Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I’m talking to the dev on my podcast tomorrow morning.

Well I am just glad you aren’t in the ER.

Slow, capitol ship space battles? I’d trade Vin’s doctorate for that any day!

(hey Vin btw --what’s with all this dark matter thing? Plus that dwarf planet 80 plus au’s out? hello!)

Another one - Nebulous Fleet Command - The Expanse meets Homeworld:

Ok! this looks like a Nexus-inspired game. Really interesting

The font appears to be quite small.

Just announced on Nintendo Direct, from the guy who brought you Donut County, Neon White–a game about killing demons in heaven. Your gun is powered by cards? Coming to Steam too.

This came across my radar recently. Haven’t played it myself yet but it piqued my curiosity.

New Minit game announced today. All proceeds go to charity, forever.

I liked it when it was still called Reigns

Cool. I’ve had The Last Warlord sitting on my desktop for years, waiting for 1.0. Glad to see it make it out while I was out of commission.

So I just learned the fourth Siralim game is about to drop. Bought into the beta and so far it’s great.

I love Siralim, but these days I usually buy it on mobile. It’s a great mobile game.

I do both, since you can sync your progress on multiple devices.

Sudoku RPG 1.1.1 update completed.
Classic Sudoku Mode has been added for those who like relaxed and static Sudoku! Hooray!
Classic Sudoku mode can be played by dividing the difficulty level into six levels, and the elapsed time and number of mistakes are recorded to improve the clear speed and accuracy in a short period of time.

But it looks like that mode doesn’t have the rpg elements…

Action-roguelike from the developers of Space Run and Masters of Anima.

Retro co-op 2D Zelda-like.

I’m back, and I’ve brought along yet another board game conversion. Think FTL on steroids:

I liked Space Run as an interesting twist on tower defence, and I liked Masters of Anima as a Pikmin/Overlord-like (there aren’t many) even though it got a bit repetitive. Maybe this is fun twist on arpgs? I’m kinda burnt on arpgs though.

There really isn’t any RPG elements in Curse. You don’t level up or anything like that and the story is barely there.

It is however one the best isometric action games with rogue-lite elements I played in a long time. The combat is up there with Hades for me.