Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

That looks amazeballs

I know right? maybe even sorta realistic --if i can say that about a crazy sci fi indie game.

A strategy game of repelling the Spanish invasion of South America. Seems to be a hybrid of real-time and turn-based? It’s hard to tell, and they don’t spell it out.

My understanding is that the team is Colombian.

A little video showing NovaMundi gameplay

If the last outpost of Civilisation is Cincinnati we already lost.

Nice to see something other than New York and LA being represented for a change, though I wonder if it’s really distinguishable from any generic cyberpunk city?

Not from the screenshots. Guess we’ll see if there are old Cincinnati landmarks or something. (My parents lived there for several years.)

Galactic Mining Corp: the sequel to a game called Geo

Been following this one for a while and quite excited about it. Releases May 18. This scratches the Steamworld Dig itch with base building and exploration layers on top

This looks sort of State of Decayish, but without the zombies:

I would have told you based off the name and the logo that that game has been out for two and a half years. There’s too many gritty survival games (some with zombies).

Going to re-mention Voxel Tycoon now that it has released into Early Access, almost two years after it was last mentioned in the thread. Remember when Steam Greenlight was a thing? That is how long it has been.

Was going to come post this one if it wasn’t already here. I’ll probably be a pass on it, because no matter how much I like the theme of Transport Tycoon-alikes I can never get past the UI, and the screenshots of this one make it look like it’s the same UI as all the rest of them.

The controls are pretty rough for laptops as well. They use the “third mouse button” and limits zoom to mouse wheel etc. Such an easy mistake to avoid yet pc games do it over and over. :(

Not sure how indie this is, but it got my attention:

An Early Access title from a small Hanover studio that could be one to keep an eye on for anyone into 2D animated sprites and Fantasy General inspired games. For anyone who used to enjoy RPS’ Flare Path column, Tim Stone delved into it recently and came away enjoying what he saw.

ooh that looks very interesting…thanks!

I tried it and it is still pretty rough. I think they did just add WASD for moving the map, as one example. I’ll also put out there that the second or third mission has a time limit, and a particularly draconian one that prompted me to leave the game to bake some more.

Interesting, appreciate the feedback. That many games these days that I can afford to let Early Access titles mature. So, hope they manage to polish it into something great over time. Not entirely against time limits, since I enjoy the time pressures of a well designed A-Train PC Classic scenario on Hard. So, shall have to investigate just how draconian SoL’s time limit is to see whether it will fit within my tolerance range or not.