Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

You’re right! Here’s the new gif. I should do one for the fishing too lol.


Edit. Fishing too


Craftopia competitor?

And I was all like meh… Then the fishing was shown!

From the same developer, so no? ;)

Throwing an electrodragon into a pond to kill all the fish is not “fishing” you monster!

Wikipedia disagrees:

This looks pleasant! Little miniature hand-drawn top-down scenes, but you can also switch to a camera mode and take pics from down inside the scenes.

I have been slamming the hell out of House of the Dying Sun for the past few days. What an amazing sense of relentlessness it gives. Most of us know the cutting down it went through from the original Enemy Starfighter idea, but I think it still ended up as something well worth the $7 it fairly regularly goes on sale for. The name is just terrible, though. It should have been called something like Emperor’s Vengeance or Fall of the Traitor Lords or something like that.

It also has one of the best soundtracks in gaming history.

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I may be done with Dying Sun for now. We’ll see tomorrow. I’ve beaten every mission up through Harbinger difficulty, and I’ve done a couple of flagship bounties and the first mission on Dragon difficulty, which unlocks after beating the game once. Not sure I have the stamina to slog through the rest of the bounties, let alone Dragon (which may actually be beyond my capabilities) right now, but I’ll surely come back to it at some point. What a fun little game.

Glad you used this in the Frame Game thread, because I missed that there was a new Nifflas game out! Always cause for celebration! Purchasing now!

All praise @Chappers, because I had had no idea either :O

Steam recommended this to me this morning, and for once came up with something that looks to be right up my alley. I need to investigate it some more but it feels like an almost certain purchase.

The creator of In Other Waters announced his next game today. Pretty slick trailer. Interesting looking game–a bit like Tharsis bolted on to an RPG?

I really wanted to like In Other Waters but found the movement and mechanical UI aspects insanely annoying.

Citizen Sleeper seems interesting and a big step forward with what looks like much more straightforward control scheme.
Neatly distinct scenario as well.

I enjoyed the remote sensing aspect of the game a lot, but the UI could have done with less redundant clicking. I was doing pretty well until I hit an area of toxicity which constantly drained my health, turning it from a game of turn-based exploration into having to make decisions based on guesswork that could lead to your death. It introduced tension and frustration into a game that never needed it.

There was a weird split to me between that blind sensing of your environment, which was great, and the in your face narration. This is the main thing that put me off, as I thought the game would have strongly benefited from being a mystery instead of exposing me to a rejected script for an episode of Days of our Lives.

I suggest playing the Steam demo first. I played it months ago (not sure if the many updates since have been added to the demo I played), but the game felt pretty obtuse and I decided against purchasing it.

I’ve been playing the demo and from what I’ve seen it hasn’t been. They say an interactive tutorial was added last month, but it’s not there. Maybe it will make the game play more engaging than what I’ve experienced so far.