Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Never Return showed up on my Steam front page and it looks sort of interesting. Still in EA and done by a 4 person team.

After reading your impressions, it sounds like Story mode is the way to play through this game.

Yeah I’d definitely recommend story mode. At first the number of shots allowed seems generous, until you realise that’s because at some point in the level you’re going to be forced to hit the ball through a small gap between two things, whilst also having just the right power to fall into a third thing, and so on.

To add to the misery, there’s no quick way to replay shots or even restart a level. Restarting involves keystrokes, waiting for camera panning, clicks, and finally waiting for your avatar to decide he’s ready with no visual cue for it.

It could’ve been a better game than this, but sadly, it isn’t.

This looks good. That said, while it was novel and cute at first, I’m tired of this low-polygon no-textures look a lot of indie games are going for. I actually really dig how low-polygon models can look, but having everything be flat colors is starting to get old.

3rd person action-roguelike with souls-like combat

SF survival crafting 2D platformer, has a demo

2D platformer

Webbed looks pretty great!

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Requiring me to dodge or really defend myself in any way is punishingly difficult. :P

Ooh, finally! I’ve been following this for ages, now that Tom has split off that pesky Arboria discussion I can see the true news that it’s been released! I have always had mixed results with “slingshot / grappling” hook style mechanics, but this has cute spiders so how can it be bad?

@Chappers bought it a couple of weeks ago and it sure is an eyecatcher.

I bought Webbed too - it has one of the most charming trailers I’ve ever watched - but I have yet to play it.

I see a few people have put this game on their wishlist.

It seems really cool, but I’ve just left a few messages in the Discussions, because the computer keeps failing to take its turn. I’d hold off on buying until this gets figured out.

Brian posted this back in April with no response so my guess is whoever is developing this doesn’t read steam forums:

Yeah I bought and quickly refunded it because it seemed terribly undercooked.

Yeah, I’d seen your request, and almost reached out to you before buying. My bad. I’m going to put up a review warning others from buying it. It might be the first negative review I’ve got on Steam.

Yeah it’s a shame. I LOVE the concept, but it almost seems to be anandonware right out of the gate.

The dev is the same guy who did the Gods of Havoc trilogy. It looks like they got more support, but never really got finished. He’s probably a guy that likes starting projects more than finishing them.

The graphics being cheap Unity assets are always a warning sign for me.

The amazing Monster Train is half price