Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

A friend linked me this Twiglet Struggle wannabe. Anybody tried it in the two years since it has been released?

I know Twilight Struggle. I served with Twilight Struggle. This is no Twilight Struggle.

Seriously, it’s a decent light political strategy game marred by the odd decision to represent world leaders as Furries.

Twilight Struggle is a Zelda game right?

It’s more of a rogue-lite open world RPG with crafting and procedurally-generated dungeons to explore. With Furries.

I must confess the Canukistan screenshot made me chuckle. I’ll grab it when I stop playing amazing games!

I would (maybe) play this game about a wee stick’s struggle to grow into a mighty oak.

I am looking at Potion Craft but saw one person state that being older (at 37, imagine!) he was having difficulty with his wrist hurting mainly due to having to hold a mouse button to stir and crush etc.

Anyone have any experience?

Has anyone played Mech Engineer?

The RPS write up makes me think “Rule the Waves but with mechs”, but I might be thinking that just since it is the game I’ve wanted for five years.

I’m considerably older than 37 and had no problem with wrist pain playing Potioncraft, (the demo at least).

I wasn’t expecting much going in, as these mixing games tend to be quite simple, but I really enjoyed the way you use recipes to explore for ingredients and had a really good time with the game.

Wait, what? They appear to be using the national animal of each country as avatars. What makes you suggest they’re furries? There’s nothing “furry” about them.

Game reminds me of Balance of Power, but it’s been a while.

It’s a joke, Son

The famous national animal of West Germany after it annexed the Benelux. The cane using field mouse! :P

Well I knew someone would find one that wasn’t! Some of them are though, that’s good enough for me. ;)

It still looks like Balance of Power though. I haven’t played that game in a long time.

For those that like puzzlers like Stephen’s Sausage Roll
Bonfire Peaks coming to Steam, Switch, Playstation

Nice, I’m sure this will be a day one purchase for @Left_Empty . He’s very fond of Stephen’s sausage.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Been on my wishlist for months. Looks good.

Not only of Stephen’s, but having played quite a bit of that Monster Expedition and Baba is You, although they are compared a lot, they weren’t sausages.
I thought Stephen’s was unique and in a genre of its own the more I played with it, and those spiritual spawns have so far strengthened that feeling.