Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Yes, exactly.

hahahaha! WHY would they do that when you could be charged by the mile instead?

Oh well, yeah. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I came to the same conclusion. But after watching Captain Failure’s videos I am keeping a very close eye on it.

We’ve got Derail Valley until then. :)

The tech isn’t there yet for a full world train sim in the same vein as MSFS because the hand detailing required would go far beyond just the stations (of which there are vastly more than airports). The routes would look terrible otherwise.

If you don’t mind bad graphics.

Hand drawn lovely art, what are you talking about?!

Top-down arena shooter with strategic building, has a demo.

Retro metroidvania + farming sim.

Rogue-lite turn based tactics TD, has a demo.

Deck builder/battler with the kind of narrative weirdness (defeated enemies are turned into books(?) which can then be burned(!) to create cards to add to your deck) we’ve come to expect from some Asian development houses.

In the lead up to Halloween I played through a couple of indie horror walking sims that lean heavily into worn-out VHS aesthetics. They both take around an hour each and were scary for me, but obviously your mileage may vary as both are super tropey. Bloodwash is jump scare the game with a sleazy atmosphere. It has some really unsettling moments and inspired edits that I found quite effective as the sense of impending dread ratchets up. The Convivence Store is pretty much an interactive J-Horror. It has a much longer setup which risks tedium as your have to do some mundane tasks during night shift but I found the payoff satisfying.

I also picked up Murder House, which is a throwback fixed-perspective survival horror throwback, but I haven’t had time to play it yet.

This is absolutely not a game that everyone is going to love, but some, some are going to adore it.

Do you have fondness for any of these? Disciples I and Disciples II? Wizardry? Wizards & Warriors? Eador? Choose your own adventure? Old school difficulty? Old school danger within RPGs? Somewhat old school user interfaces? Rag-doll equipment screens? Oodles of races and classes? Complexity and depth? Slow and steady pace?

Yes? Then try this.

This looks pretty crazy and I kind of want it -

First couple of turns were clunky, but cool. It does look like it has some depth, and certainly a lot to learn, compounded by the game not really facilitating the learning.

I have fiddled with the Adventure mode only, and it’s very easy to get into, surprisingly so. The interface is true jank though: it reminds me of @Vic_Davis’ attempts to get around an awkward development engine! I wished Windowed mode would work more properly.

The pricing is nuts. I guess it’s the local Russian pricing applied globally?

Re: Grim Wanderings 2

Hehe, yeah, it is like the guy has lovingly recreated the really tough to learn UIs and game-beginnings from the classic 90s era! It really brings to mind the Star Trail games for me. They had this incredible ‘living world’ in which you had to feed, water, clothe, keep your adventurers warm, lest they get sick and die, combined with fiendish difficulty. No soft edges. This game was not your buddy! Yet, yet, if you could persist, persevere . . . there was reward.

Agreeing, you can start playing really quick and I think that is a good method to learn. Start, fail, start over, fail, start with all your accumulated wisdom and insight . . . . maybe succeed? I have already restarted once in order to build a better party, one where the races actually like each other and so support ongoing happiness. I have run into the problem of needing to find a source of timber to build buildings to generate stone, so I can have stone to build buildings that generate gold and . . . . maybe I just need more pylons. This bit gives me a real Thea 1 / Thea 2 vibe, but the resource management and economy does seem simpler.

I’d like to hear more about Grim Wanderings II. I had thought to watch some video of it while treadmilling later, but there’s not much online, at least in English.

I definitely do not want that… Nightmare juice!

Hahaha, yes! I saw that on Twitter a while back and meant to mention it here. Honestly, the first 20 seconds of that trailer are amazing and all I really needed. The chase, the monster ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ reveal, the escape train and rear mounted MG, then the open island and the map zoom out. Boom.

Realms of Arkania. Star Trail was the second of the three games.