Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

That was my experience with it, although far be it from me to dismiss a survival game as “boring”. Some people have a much higher threshold for survival busywork, but Dysmantle seems to consist almost entirely of survival busywork. Which is fine if that’s the kind of game you want to play, but not at all what I was hoping 10 Ton would make. This is the latest from the guys who did super-addictive fast-paced twin-stick shooters like Neon Chrome, Jydge, and Tesla vs. Lovecraft, all of which I played extensively? Yeesh.


Thank you. Yeah, that’s certainly the impression I had from the videos I’ve watched.

Disciples-like retro TBS.

This looks very interesting, but the premiere video (horribly voiced) makes it pretty clear this is EA without the EA label.

How so? I think it’s fitting. It’s just very crazy overall.

Did you like Cryptark? I sure did. Did you know the same developers did a really cool Ancient Greek-themed Metroidvania called Apotheon? They’re a team out of Toronto called Alientrap and I suspect they’re very busy these days because their newest game is out next week:


I did. I did. I did not!

Wytchwood is a crafting adventure game

I’ll forget having read that when I’ll buy it!

Are you saying this is not releasing into early access, and it has full controller support day 1? Very interested!

Those dudes are too good to be influenced by gaming suckers!

A look at Wytchwood… she stops right where you get into what I assume is the main game:

This just released today and the reviews are pretty glowing


I’m optimistic about Fights in Tight Spaces! Still in the tutorial but seems very smart.

Mechajammer seems like clunky trash though, sadly.

I played it a while back and had a great time with it. Very elegant game.

I bought it way back, but I was waiting for 1.0. I might install it today, since FFXIV is in maintenance right now. ;)

I watched a fair bit of video awhile back. If you like the idea of Into the Breach as a deckbuilder, with visuals by way of Superhot, you will probably like it.

Things could have changed, but at the time, opportunities to tweak your deck were pretty limited, compared to the average deckbuilder.

I bought this recently and while I haven’t played a huge amount yet, this does still seem to be the case. However that doesn’t stop it being a very fun game, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone curious.

Played a good bit of FITS (Fights In Tight Spaces) yesterday and yeah, it’s really fun. In a way, it’s what John Wick Hex should have been. ;)

hoho, I liked John Wick despite its issues, ok Im sold now…:)

The Captain just released.
A decision based point & click adventure game with exploration elements and optional turn based space combat.

Tried the start and this is quite interesting. Exceptionally well done on a technical level. Great pixel graphics.
You get flung far away by an accident and have to return to Earth. You move relatively freely on a space map. Different locations are short-ish point & click mini adventures.

Puzzles have decision points and alternate solutions that impact the game in various ways. You might for example get a new crew member for your voyage, or that person might not be willing to join you, or you might accidentally (or intentionally) kill them. You collect achievements for the various story threads you picked. The game promises some larger scale decisions and results concerning the fate of entire civilizations.

Space combat is a turn based management challenge with a seemingly decent amount of depth, including an economy system to upgrade your ship and special abilities.

While not terrible so far the writing has been not as exceptional as the technical side. A somewhat generic story and world on the level of below average Star Trek episodes. The atmosphere is good as long as you don’t think about anything too hard.
The pixel graphics are gorgeous but the design of say your ship and some other world elements is kind of …mediocre.

Overall pretty neat though.

Looks great! Curious if @BrianRubin has a take on this one.