Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Sounds like I need to check out Axes and Acres!

This looks very cute - haven’t played the demo yet but one is out for kickstarter backers at the $1 level

Skillup played a few dozens demos from the Steamfest so here it’s a video about the most interesting ones

Mulling around the idea of picking up this John Wick-like top-down shooter during the Steam sale.

I like the DMC combo meter, and the animations/overall vibe seem really well put together. Still in early access, with an update focused around melee and close combat on the way.

Saw a playthrough of this on my Youtube feed. It’s a puzzler city builder in the same vein as Mini Metro. By the same (Ukranian) developers who are working on Ostriv. Just a couple off bucks.

Here’s the video I saw - the pieces you get are randomly generated so no real spoilers here.

Hmmm, hadn’t heard of this or Ostriv. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

Tile Cities is an interesting little puzzler. Only issue I’ve found is that the mouse pointer is hidden which makes navigating the menu a little tricky…

There’s a day or so left on PUNKCAKE Délicieux’s mega bundle sale. 10 games, all of them look and sound interesting to me:

They’re like the Sokpop Collective producing regular bite-sized experiences. These are in the bundle:

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate “Rogue-chess with a shotgun”
Ecstatic “Spider mecha rave-synced bullet hell”
Rush for the Ages “Fast civilizational card game”
Metavaxx “Cellular Minesweeper Shooter”
The Wratch’s Den “Roguelike Dungeon Builder and Defender”
Spectrum Forces “Shoot-em-up with a tactical twist!”
Scavenger of Dunomini “Match-3 Trash Pile Defender”
Damocles Gaze “Radical 12-min roguelite action shooter”
Shroomchitect “Cute & Relaxing Mushroom Settler”
Antecrypt “single-stick arena shooter on mankind’s last hard drive”

Oh, cool. I had run across Shroomchitect before. Several others seem really interesting, too!

Circadian Dice is now on Steam, with improved graphics and new content compared to the earlier versions on itch:

If you are person of class and distinction who bought it on itch, you get a free Steam key. And your progress is maintained in the Steam version!

From afar, this looks a lot like one deck dungeon, without the physical origin constraints?

I loved buying from itch, but they made it a real pain for people geographically located in Europe since last year. From what I get, they won’t fill the tax papers, so they put it all on the developers and the buyers.

I guess it’s not entirely dissimilar from One Deck Dungeon, but instead of just getting more dice, you’re improving the dice you have (well, you do get more dice, but just from 2 starting dice to 4 max dice).

It’s not the deepest game, but it is quite good for clicking around for a few minutes to complete a dungeon, which is pretty much exactly what I want a lot of the time.

And there’s even a demo!

Oh that sounds like it requires a lot less dedication than One Deck Dungeon (a single complicated dungeon could take well into an hour)… which made me look it up for the iPad, but sadly it’s not available there, yet!
I’ll give that demo a try if my memory doesn’t fail me like it did for that computer card game, the one that Tom said was the best thing ever in 2021…

So I’ve had Circadian Dice on my itch watch list for a while and I always get it confused with another game involving dice called Slice & Dice:

I heard really good things about it from someone who I trust, but I can’t remember who.

Also @Left_Empty: yeah, it is a pain to buy on itch now unfortunately. I tolerate it for the greater good but it does make me roll my eyes each time I have to fill in the same tax form. I should probably plug the info into my Bitwarden just to eliminate that step!

Haha, Tom killed the I Played This Little Indie Game and You Should Too thread for probably the third time. I guess I’ll finally take his preferred approach and start stand-alone threads for little games that two of us will actually check out and three of us will have comments about. Honestly, I think it might be better after all.

Honestly feel like throwing them the 5 clams

I have, in fact, actually played Circadian Dice, and you should too! (If you think you’d like it. There’s a demo!)

It cool that my save game progress carried across. Although honestly every time I come back to this game I want to start over, since the later dungeons get pretty hard :P

And I still have no idea what was supposed to distinguish the two threads!

I enjoy the ride. Please keep us moving!


I mean, it’s right there in the title. Not sure if you’re being deliberately obtuse for effect, but:

This thread was for games that caught your attention in some way, but that are still early in development or that you haven’t played (enough) to recommend.

The other thread was for games that you have personally played, and want to recommend that others also play it.

Personally, I don’t get much value out of this thread because I don’t have the time and mental energy to follow development processes of games that might or might not be worth my time next year. I’d rather have concrete recommendations of things that someone on this board thinks are worth putting time into right now.

Given your gripes about early access game threads, I would have thought you’d feel the same way, and could have just ignored this thread.