Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Designed by a board-certified psychiatrist…

You might want to specify the name of the game you talk about in your messages, especially when as you specified, the game is now off steam. Just a thought ;)

In what country are there board-uncertified physicians :O

There are lots of board uncertified (board eligible) physicians in the Americas… and then there are DO’s (which are not MDs)…

DOs are still, by and large, board certified. They generally take the board exam in whatever their specialty is just like MDs do. Kind of shocking to me that 15-20% of physicians are not board certified. I guess if you’re going to open your own clinic you can do whatever you want, but I’m going to guess that not being certified would be a real impediment to getting hired at an organization of any real size.

That is indeed bitchin.

Yeah, that track is great. From the look of the game, I was expecting the horrible bleeps and bloops of midi sounds that people love for some inexplicable reason, but this is an actual soundtrack. It kind of reminds me of some of the music from Star Control 2, whose “mod” music was always my delineation point on when game music suddenly went beyond midi to real music.

Out for purchase, no EA!

This looks really cool.

After @geggis posted that Ecstatic track I checked out some of Pentadrangle’s other stuff. The Shotgun King soundtrack is 100% more subdued than I would have expected and would almost make a better Into the Breach soundtrack than the actual Into the Breach soundtrack.

It’s funny that you mention Shotgun King, because I thought the soundtrack was inappropriate and distracting and shut it down almost right away.
I agree it would have fitted Into the Breach if I wasn’t so good at that game though ;D

There’s a thread for Japanese visual novels, but I don’t think there’s a general one. I don’t even really play the things, but I heard about this one somewhere and it sounded appealing and on the phone it was $3?!

It’s on basically every possible device, but on the phone it’s just insanely cheap for the entertainment I got from it. I expected to be annoyed by all the references, but I wasn’t! I liked it quite a bit and for the price I’d say anyone who finds the premise interesting at all should definitely check it out. Played it over the course of four or five days, and the phone was just the perfect way to do it, too.

I finally got my terraforming in Planet Crafter to 175!

I will sit on it now until the next update.

I’ve got my planet up to where it’s moving toward the fish stage, so I’m pretty much waiting until the next update too.

Apparently this is coming out of EA next week. I’m a little apprehensive as the signalling system was pretty broken last time I looked at it, which you’d think would be the first thing to get nailed down in a train game. But I’ll be checking it out to see if they’ve fixed the big issues.

Could be cool.

Look at this hidden gem coming out next year!

Rollerdrome seems good

Boneraiser Minions has launched in early access, new Vampire Survivors-like from Caiysware.

LEGIONCRAFT has left early access, now with full English translation. Tactical puzzle rogue-lite.

This looks interesting! Thanks for sharing.

No regional pricing for me means there’s no way I’ll buy it unless there is a deep, deep sale, alas.