Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Looks more interesting (to me) than Terra Invicta

Tally-ho Corner has mentioned this game a bunch of times and it certainly does seem interesting. I’ll be interested to hear your impressions!

Thanks, I never heard of this one and enjoyed Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden! Wishlisted.

This was always going to be the next step for dedicated Tromboners.

From the Manor Lords discord:

Manor Lords city-building demo is now out on Steam.

Download it here:

Apologies for the bugs - it’s still a work in progress, but hope you’ll have some fun nonetheless. After playing check out the demo channels like <#1025837726987210872>

Have a great day!

Stellar Monarch 2 has left early access.

Those of you wanting the full-fat official stamped Slice and Dice release, the full 2.0 dropped on itch yesterday - it’s out of beta! If you bought it on Google Play, you may need to wait as it was making it’s way through the review period there still yesterday, but protip is buy it on itch, you get the PC, Mac and Android binaries there so you can install on all your devices!

When I played the demo last year in the 1.0 era, I was wowed by the elegance of the design that really does distill the essence of entire unique character classes into 6 die faces, but was on the fence about the amount of content. Well, the 2.0 release more than doubles the amount of everything, so now there’s definitely more than enough content - in terms of characters, items, bosses, gameplay modes, there’s just more of everything. Randomly generated characters?! A raid mode?!

I’ve only just started unlocking things and watched some Youtube videos to whet my appetite for more - but if you’re worried about the unlock/achievement system you can:

  • lock and unlock all the unlockables, without affecting your achievement progress
  • copy and paste achievements between devices, which will merge your unlocks

Nice, thanks! Was able to easily update my 2.0.0 beta to the official version. Hope they keep working on the game as the basic game flow is pretty darn good.

Hopefully this means the Steam release will be soon. At that point, I will start a thread (if there isn’t one already by that time) for the GotY.


Not left my phone since the pre1.0 beta. Fantastic game and great that Tann is still loving it enough to work on it

if you buy on itch will they give you a steam key down the road or is that a separate purchase?

I downloaded the demo, I think, on itch a while back and was surprised there was little to no sound. Made the whole thing feel very flat. Was that a demo thing, possibly a bug or something that has since been addressed? I think I had difficulty making it fullscreen too. What I played was interesting though.

I really liked the idea and approach of the first one but hated the actual implementation. I will keep an eye on the second attempt.
As a one person project I understand there are limits how complex and involved it can be. Maybe this time the whole comes together as an experience.

They will, I believe, I just want to wait. But it’s tough, lol.

@geggis there are some sound effects, but still no music

Played one game yesterday and I can see the appeal. Got to the final stage was beaten down. Game is very cool.

Vault of the Void has left early access.

Slice & Dice is updated on Google Play now. Lost all my achievements but I don’t care, just get to play through it all again!

1 for 1 on classic mode using a fun combo with a new character and item that meant I could give +10 shields to 3 heroes at one point!

Now just need one of those three to be gray or yellow with 1 attack, steel

Steam Next Fest is currently active, with demos for lots of upcoming indie games.
Currently downloading a bunch that caught my interest.

Short impressions from the ones I tried already:

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift
Airship open world. Great theme and I like “painted” art. Awkward UI, mechanically cumbersome, demo very restrictive. The actual Airship combat was kind of bad too.
Lots of interest points at the start but I feel literally zero allure to play/try again.

Against the Storm
Good colony builder already available on Epic. For me personally the “roguelike city builder” aspects are too thin and it quickly becomes boring building basically the same colony again and again. Strong theme and mechanically very sound.

Underwater colony builder. Despite the uncommon setting this felt very generic and somewhat soulless to me.

Post apocalypse colony builder. Similar to other recent post-apoc colony builders (Surviving the Aftermath, Endzone). It has some charm though and a couple of mechanical additions that might elevate the final product. Decent.
Short demo.