Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

But it is a puzzle game, isn’t it? It also looks nice. What really scares me is the idea of “There is this one path you’ll have to figure out…” Can you tell if that’s the case here?

It’s very board game-like. I wouldn’t call it puzzly.
Imagine if Terraforming Mars the board game were actually fun.

You just got my attention.

Barotrauma has left early access.

I’ve played about 5h of Boneraiser Minions now, and it’s excellent. The strong reviews are well deserved.


The Last Spell has left early access.

Wow, that looks great. I must have it.

Just released into early access - currently has 4 characters and something like 8 (very different) weapons - but what’s here feels pretty polished. There’s a boost (but no i-frames) and the map has planets that you unlock that can give buffs or dispense items. (Edit: and of course - SPACESHIPS is the best setting!)

It’s on the punishing side though - you feel that contact damage and you don’t get invincibility so even with a couple upgrades I feel like I’ll definitely die if I say boost straight into an enemy. There are waves and currently three bosses (the bosses are enormous and feel very satisfying to take down, but create arenas with instakill edges), and some of the waves are swarms that will try to surround - the two main enemies are weak red ships that you can cut down easily and tanky white enemy ships which I discovered will actually move out of your way slowly if they are alone, but during swarms can come in such huge numbers that the eventually the additional ships coming in behind them shove the ones in front into you, so there’s a bit of decision making on watching your escape routes since once all of those are gone you have to hold your ground or be crushed.

Spin Rhythm went to 1.0 yesterday and is a great time, provided you like EDM. Each track has multiple levels and at least the first three are approachable for standard humans.

I am awful at this, but if I’m on your friends list that’ll give you a low bar to clear.

This is an understatement. I refunded it.

New Turnfollow game! New Turnfollow game!

Before the Green Moon is a (yet another) cozy farming game, this one with a sci-fi premise and–I’m sad to say–some character art that is pretty unappealing to me. But after A Good Gardener and Wide Ocean, Big Jacket, it’s a day one for me!

Yay! Just saw this on Twitter!

Oh wow, yeah I see what you mean. That’s very surprising given how lovely their previous characters looked!

I played a good bit of this yesterday and… it’s underwhelming, at least so far. Basic farming game mechanics, fine but nothing special. That would be okay if the people in town were a joy to talk to, like the characters in Wide Ocean, but they aren’t at all! It’s almost as if they’re trying hard to make these characters dull and the conversations pointless. I’m really mystified by what they were going for here.

The Good Gardener was a rougher game, but its farming mechanics had a point and reinforced an atmosphere of oppression and failure. These mechanics don’t seem to say anything. Well, maybe there’s an idea of striving to transcend labor and everyday life (by buying your way onto the moon elevator), but that’s pretty pedestrian for an indie game these days.

I can tell I have one or two more things to discover in this game, so I’ll stick with it a little longer, but as of now I don’t think I’d recommend it.

Ah that’s a shame and so… weird. Wide Ocean Big Jacket has such a lovely and expressive visual style with relatable, memorable characters/conversations. I thought at the very least they’d get the conversations right! I never did play The Good Gardener despite loving the look and sound of it.

Another thumbs up for Boneraiser. I actually enjoyed it more than VS which is saying a lot.

Currently on sale, bought! Hey, maybe this will cure my Slice and Dice addiction? Hehe, which would be like switching from cigarettes to cigars or some such. Sure looks like it has comparable gameplay.

Good luck with that snicker

I’ve been enjoying Contraband Police. I discovered it from watching my favorite Twitch streamer Squirrel. It’s sorta like a 3D first person version of Papers, Please. The more accurate you are with your inspections, the more money you make, which lets you upgrade stuff and hire more guards.

Anyone played Big Ambitions? Looks sort of interesting.

I’ve seen some streams of this and while it feels like it starts out strong, it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of variety in the businesses you own. So I think that once you get ‘established’ as a successful businessman the gameplay loop sort of fizzles out. That’s my speculation though.

It IS in EA so there’s hope they can flesh out the gameplay more (though to be honest I dunno if that’s on the radar).