Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Pokemon persona + retro walkman power looks interesting. What does “open world” mean? Procedural random encounters?

Cassette Beasts has been out on Game Pass for a few weeks I think. Haven’t tried it yet.

Oh wow, thanks!

Haven’t actually played more than the intro yet so I don’t know how it plays out. I expect a much less linear and less roadblocked than a Pokemon game.
It seems you can go almost anywhere from the get go. There are two difficulty sliders, one for scaling. At the standard setting nothing gets scaled down and underleveled enemies get partially scaled up.

There is also blog post about it, though it doesn’t go into too much detail.

Rise of the White Sun is out of early access. I’ve had it for about a year and have been keeping tabs on it, since it tackles a topic I’ve never seen in a game before - the Chinese Warlord/Unification of China era of the 1920’s.

It reminds me of an old Koei game in many ways. I’ll post impressions once I have some time with 1.0 under my belt.

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles just released.
Slay the Spire with dice-face management instead of cards and a distinct art style.
Made a good impression on me so far.

It has a demo.

I’ll be looking forward to your impressions!

Casette Beats

ok open world aspect means you use minor platforming and tackle environmental puzzles in an isometric top-down view. There’s random encounters as well as bosses to fight. Maybe like some sort of Zelda game?

A 4X deckbuilder? Please, sir, may I have another?

Backed the kickstarter, very excited.

I beat Six Ages: Lights Going Out today, and it’s the shit. Mechanics mostly the same as the first Six Ages game, but an entirely different situation (bigger, more cosmic, more complex), with different issues, different limits on you, and different solutions you have to try to find. And there’s a much higher number of persistent characters for you to develop, though they’ll wind up wildly differently in different run-throughs.

Thanks, didn’t know this came out!

It’s one of the highest score releases of the year!

Do I need to play the first one first?

Yogcast Games? This is published by some streamers?

You mean a ‘Media Entertainment Business’.

But yes, they have diversified along the way and do some publishing.

They published Aces and Adventures, which is a neat title. I saw another recently they were publishing that looked good, but can’t recall what it was.

You don’t NEED to, but I think it will be a better experience.


  1. The plot of the second follows on the plot of the first;
  2. You can continue a clan from the first to the second (and presumably onward through later installments);
  3. Going from first to second won’t be disappointing, but going from second to first might.

Just saw a video on Last Train Home, which is going to have a demo during the Steam Next Fest in early October.

This is a game based on real events - set around 1919 during the Russian Civil War. A bunch of soldiers from the a Czech army (the Czech Legion) were in Russia after WW I when the war started, and to get out they have to travel by train all the way East to Vladivostok. That’s the setup.

You ride the train to the East - as you pass by towns you can stop and trade for supplies, or forage for food/water/supplies. Some of these stops trigger RTWP tactical missions, others will present illustrated narratives where you choose your response from a set of choices. It’s got RPG elements where you form squads to take on missions and level up your soldiers, including assigning them professions (like medic, sniper, etc). You manage and upgrade your train by improving different train cars as you journey. There’s also scripted narrative events that occur (somewhat similar to those in Frostpunk). Maybe it’s trying to mix too many elements, but it’s interesting, and explores a part of history that I bet most people are unaware of. So that’s neat.

If that sounds intriguing, give it a shot next week!

Has anyone seen this Quasimorph game?

I had this on my wishlist but don’t remember from where. It describes itself as a turn-based extraction roguelike. Splattercat has a let’s play video from 4 months ago, and he liked it so far.

It launches as early access on 10/2.