Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Nowhere Prophet

Hey folks. Demo here, the developer of Nowhere Prophet.

I know itch is a bit of a smaller marketplace, a lot of people don’t know of it or would prefer to buy on Steam and there’s ample support for Early Access titles on Steam. Yet I’ve actively decided against an EA release on Steam (for now).


I’m a small indie developer. It’s mostly me + a bunch of freelancers. So far the marketing things I can do a very limited and I can get at best one big push, I think. And if I can make a splash, the Steam release is most likely to be the point at which I can do that and have it have the most impact. So I decided to stay off the radar to make the game as good as I can be during the First Access phase and then to release it with a big bang on Steam.

Also itch allows me to do crowdfunding-like backer tiers, which I think is an awesome thing games can offer only during the Early Access phase. (Rimworld did something similar but sort of disguised at DLC and it’s all a bit hacky.)

Anyway: That’s the theory.

Also I can totally understand if you’re not keen on registering for another site. Just wishlist on Steam and wait until it is done :D

That said, is there anything else I can help you fine gentlebeings with?


Martin! Great to have you here.

We were just discussing other platforms on Twitter. I had actually come back over to the forum to tell everyone how responsive you were to questions.

@BrianRubin you are right, of course, and I definitely want to support the work Martin is doing, so I’m going to get that done.

@mysterio want to start a separate thread so development updates can be posted there? We could probably get a mod to move these posts over.


Yay! It’s really a great site.


I love this game. Turn based, party building, classic D&D classes. If you like that type of stuff, this game is great. Currently just a battle based game, with no adventure mode yet, but that’s fine. There is a progression to the battles, so for me there is already enough of a “game” there.

This is a perfect “have a cup of coffee” game. Easy to jump in and out of, and endless fun if you like creating and testing out parties.


Here’s the Twitter thread, by the way, in case anyone is curious…


I didn’t make a thread for the game, since I thought it was standard practice that an indie game isn’t “worthy” of its own thread until it’s released and deemed a quality title. But, please, if such a practice doesn’t exist, go for it! I don’t mind if someone else creates a thread for it.


And if you do @Misguided, do let me know so I can hang out there :D


I believe a game thread can be created for any game! @tomchick can give his final say. But I myself just make a thread if its something I find interesting and want attention and discussion focused on it, regardless of its quality and or release status. :)


We’ve had game threads for plenty of early access games. I don’t see how this is different.

@democritus I will definitely spend more time with it (I’m on the second map), but my son and I have been waiting for Destiny for months, so that’s a major distraction right now :D


Oh I get that. I sunk ~700h into Destiny 1 and I’ve been going hard on Destiny 2 on the PS4. I’ve been at ALMOST max light for a while now - and sort of burnt out on it. Waiting for more content. The run up to endgame is stellar, endgame itself… not so much.


Just an alpha demo right now. Hopefully I’ll have time to look at this at the weekend.


Wheels of Aurelia

I really wanted to like this game; an interesting topic and a nice art style, and some great soundtrack as well. But… it’s a game about driving on the Via Aurelia, and the driving is both not the point of the game and actually terrible. They should have either actually made the driving much more interesting and/or just removed it and made it a “walking sim” in a car.


There’s a big Chronicon update due in November. Gonna be a sale then too.

We all love Chronicon, right? Such a slick game.


I never heard of Chronicon…



Totally, and checking it out, it seems like a weird beast.


God damned right.


I never heard of it either.

…And looking at the Steam page I can see it’s not for me,


Speaking of stuff I don’t think was mentionned, I grabbed Creepy Castle.

First impression is very good: it’s a sort of Metroidvania with turn based very basic combats, excepting when they mix action minigames reminding me of Princess Remedy or Undertale. The setting is quite lovely too, so far.

I grabbed a little breakout clone named Strikey Sisters too, and boy, that one is hardcore: I have yet to get through the first stage.


Is it exiting Early Access then?