Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Townscaper is out in Early Access today. Not really a game, just a building toy. But it’s quite intriguing to play around with.

I look forward to Townscaper becoming a game. I’m going to hold off buying it until it is one though.

Sony doing a playstation Indies thing today. Here’s the first, looks cool.


@TimJames might dig the combat.

Could be fun. Chinese indies are working on most of the new stuff in this genre.

It really just makes me wonder when Sakuna will ever get released.

Maquette, environmental puzzle thing

New Amanita Design ame Creaks

What if Dark Souls but Hellraiser:

This is early access, but it looks like it’s worth the $3 launch sale price.

The Besties described this as Paper Mario with some of The Vikings puzzle-solving mixed in. I guess it’s been out for more than half a year, but I hadn’t heard about it!

wow, if there’s a playstation game i wasn’t expecting to get a spiritual sequel, it’s Wild 9

Anybody has an opinion on this?

The blurp says it plays like Darkest Dungeon.

Replace ‘widget’ with ‘app’ in that link

Thanks! Didnt know that!

Weird how many reviews compare it to darkest dungeon. It doesn’t really look like that to me.

The attack and defense options looks more like traditional JRPG stuff. So I think the DD comparison is off in that regard. Maybe it refers to the town building and the dungeon exploration mechanics?

Well it doesn’t have the DD/Iratus combat setup with 4 units front to back (there are 2 rows). The maps reminded me of something, but I can’t recall what. They aren’t linear, but are laid out on a grid like Isaac, etc.

Not sure on the town stuff.

Change: A Homeless Survival Experience is now available on GOG for $12.74 (15% off). 20% of profits donated to homelessness charities. The one review I found was positive.

Played Change this evening, and I think it’s a well-made, rogue-like game. At first I thought it was going to be too easy to do well, but having finished a playthrough, I think that is intentional. I imagine that someone who is newly homeless might think that if he just does certain things, he’ll get back on his feet. But in the game as likely in life, eventually little things start to undermine you, and that feeling of control begins to slip away. My character began suffering from depression, which made it harder to do the things necessary to get a job. I managed to do a day-labor once, but I couldn’t again because I had to deal with hunger and hygiene so that I couldn’t get to the spot in the morning. Then the tabloids reported that the homeless were living large and the city started cleaning the trashcans and streets better, and it was a downward spiral for me and my dog from there. It’s certainly bleak in that “Papers, Please” kind of way. I would recommend it.