Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

A text adventure with background graphics. Looks like you’re a person who codes with magic? Or does magic with code? It compares itself to Zork and Wishbringer.

There’s a demo.

Also it’s a sequel to a cheaper (probably shorter) original just called OpenSorcery.

This reminds me of the NES classic The Guardian Legend.

Very retro-Ninja-Gaiden platformer.

Co-op time management action.

Vehicular physics sandbox.

Cyber Shadow is on XBox Game Pass, FYI. And it’s published by the Shovel Knight guys.

@Bobtree I especially like your pithy summations. They are as if a machine turned beat poet. Which is a compliment.

I think Neocore qualifies as a little indy company, so I’ll post my impressions of the EA King Arthur Knights Tales.

The amount of game available is pretty limited. Looks like just a few campaign missions and a handful of side missions. So, certainly not worth the $35 price it is currently asking. However, as a Kickstarter I’m really happy with what they are heading to. It’s a rather old-school tactical-RPG with many of the elements I liked from their old TW-clone games.
You play as a resurrected Mordred and round up a few other knights and companions to start rebuilding Camelot and look for Arthur. You begin the game in Mission mode where you get to wander around, occasionally finding some loot and battles in real time. Battles will switch over to turn-based. Minor battles just start instantly. More important battles will show you access points that you can scout around to provide more options of where to deploy. I like the deployment points and it is obviously something they took from XCOM2, but I kind of just wish they’d show you the deployment points without the dinking around looking for them. Frankly, I’m rather tired of wandering around between battles as well.
However, the battles themselves seem really solid. You of course don’t start with too many options, but after finishing the mission you have enough experience to level up and you already have quite a few options to tweak. Higher level options don’t get revealed until you can pay for them, and hopefully they are as satisfying as the low level ones.
You get armor and weapon upgrades that seem pretty diverse and mostly offer cool choices between bonus and malus tradeoffs. Decisions you make throughout the missions will influence your Rightfulness/Tyranny or Chistian/Old Gods balance. I always liked this in their old games and was happy to see it reappear here. You get different perks and companions based off your alighnment.
Overall, I definitely think it is worth your while to Wishlist the game, and if you liked previous Neocore games maybe even throw in the $35 for the game to be, or at least Follow it for sales.

Pixel art sidescroller with a harpoon/grappling hook weapon. This got a pretty good review from PC Gamer. There’s a demo.

The trailer for that game shows obvious inspirations in Another World/Out of this World.

Wish the game looked like that trailer 😲

Also, uh, Wobbledogs?

“Raise your own personal hive of mutating dogs, physically simulated all the way down to their guts!”

I saw that and I am vaguely interested.

“A fairly normal dog simulation.”

Dog proceeds to fart out an egg.

What happened to McMillen’s cat farming simulator?

Mew-genics was shelved/cancelled/revived several times. As of two weeks ago he’s still at it.

Ew, doesn’t bode well.

Adorable Pac-Man-like retro arcade platformer.

Action-roguelike metroidvania.

Action-roguelike ARPG.

Short pixelated platformer with fast melee combat. The art style reminds me of Out of this World (aka Another World) or Flashback.

Top-down 2D indie retro Souls-like.

Rogue-lite exploration strategy sequel with a bigger art budget.

How did they not call it Curiouser Expedition.

Maybe it’s more traditional.

Bi-Curious Expedition?

Curious Expeduotion?