Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

The original Crash Dive was a huge guilty pleasure for me. Guilty because it’s unapologetically arcadey and clearly designed with mobile devices in mind, but definitely pleasure too because despite that, it’s a surprisingly fun and compelling game. One of those where you can spend 10 minutes on a generated mission or over an hour on a war patrol. In fact it’s 28th most played on my Steam list, which is amazing for a game I rarely spend more than 10-15 minutes on.

So Crash Dive 2 was a no-brainer for me. I haven’t been able to give it much time yet but I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far. The interface (especially the map) has been noticeably improved and there are plenty of new features, like enemy planes, AA gun on the player sub, etc. I can’t wait to play some more.

Has anyone played Colony Ship? Looks like only Act 1 is complete and there is a demo out. Developed by the same people who did Age of Decadence, Iron Tower Studios. Looks pretty interesting as a turn based RPG set on a dilapidated colony ship.

SplatterCatGaming has a video on it.

This is one for the “ruin a game with just one letter” thread.

Colony ship does look really interesting, though considering how relentlessly brutal AoD was I’ll definitely wait for reviews.

Lol, fair. Thanks for the flag! Yeah I bounced off AoD but still liked it, Colony Ship looks interesting from what I’ve seen.

I just got a key for it so I’ll be streaming it sometime over the next few weeks.

Nice, looking forward to watching.

Oh my! You’ve gotten my interest.

Colony Ship inbound ETA 18 months

And now my interest has been shelved for at least a year and a half. :(


Yeah it’s a shame it’s going to take so long. At least it isn’t the 11 year Age of Decadence development process.

lord im tempted to buy creatura at full price. that looks awesome. i love evolution life sims even if almost all of them suck!

So this is like Disco Elysium but in space?

Hah, I was just coming here to post this. I am very much looking forward to this, has an isometric Fallout vibe to it. Spattercat’s video just got me even more interested.

No, more like Fallout 1 in space.

I didn’t get very far into the video, but I had near-immediate Fallout vibes

Colony Ship looks fantastic, but 1.0 sounds to be very far off. Seems like I have a few of these good-looking games I am waiting on.

Wayward Souls is still being updated and had a new character added.

I’m not a huge fan of the combat but it does feel best on a tablet / iOS device just because the looser controls make the game more difficult, but there’s something “iconic” about the soundtrack in the same way that Sword and Sworcery’s soundtrack is, and i can’t help but get strange and uneasy feelings when i listen to the soundtrack of Wayward Souls. I guess that’s reason i’d recommend it, something about the atmosphere which works for me even though as a pixeljunk sort of game, it really shouldn’t. I also like the very truncated but disturbing narrative of the characters… it’s also pretty hard and i’ve never gotten very far into it.

Can’t wait for this. May 2021. Finally.

Wow, that has been on my wishlist forever, taunting me without a solid date.

Harold Halibut, adventure game with really nice visual style.

Ultimate Admiral has left early access.