Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Enjoyed this demo alot:

Yeah I think I recall @krayzkrok enjoying that one too.

Yes, that’s a day one game for me. I enjoyed what they did with the demo too, leaving you with a great tease at the end.

Wow, just trailer looks amazing. It’s a game all about traversal, with very interesting means of traversal.

Gamedec looks very good

Here’s a trailer that should tell you REAL quick of the game is for you!


Super-stylish, turn-based, mecha rpg with obvious Bebop, Gurren Lagann, Megalobox, etc inspiration.

Sinistar like retro top down shooter from Hijong Park. There’s a free/demo version.

Slick side scrolling shoot’em’up. Has a demo.

Action RTS. Looks a bit like Eternal Battlefield.

Casual action/strategy. Has a demo.

John Walker did a series of articles that fit well in this topic, looking at Indie games probably worth looking at. Some have been mentioned here already, some haven’t. Anyway, I haven’t seen all the trailers yet myself, but hopefully will get around to it.

The Indie-pendance day articles by John Walker:

Dead Letter Dept. looks interesting but I wonder how much game is in there.

That looks spectacular and I didn’t realize it was a Sony exclusive and now I guess I know when I’ll finally get a PS4.

Console exclusive. It will be coming to the Epic Game Store this year. (And presumably Steam next year).

Aaaaah, that trailer is just released by Sony, I see. Good news!

Any JRPG coming soon?

Indies? No idea. I didn’t know there were Indie JRPGs.

The big famous ones from bigger studios that recently came out were the NieR remake and Scarlet Nexus, and Tales of Arise is coming later this year. And they recently released a Ys game and a Trials of Cold Steel game I think.

Here’s one coming in a week and a half.

They’re actually quite common. Off the top of my head, there’s Indivisible, Battle Chasers, Undertale, CrossCode, Cosmic Star Heroine, Ara Fell, Ikenfell, Edge of Eternity, and a zillion RPGMaker games.

If you follow new releases on Steam you’ll see there’s a veritable fuckton of them.

Cris Tales is releasing on Game Pass as well.