Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Yeah I bought and quickly refunded it because it seemed terribly undercooked.

Yeah, I’d seen your request, and almost reached out to you before buying. My bad. I’m going to put up a review warning others from buying it. It might be the first negative review I’ve got on Steam.

Yeah it’s a shame. I LOVE the concept, but it almost seems to be anandonware right out of the gate.

The dev is the same guy who did the Gods of Havoc trilogy. It looks like they got more support, but never really got finished. He’s probably a guy that likes starting projects more than finishing them.

The graphics being cheap Unity assets are always a warning sign for me.

The amazing Monster Train is half price

It’s always half price!

You’re always half price.

Out today in Early Access (sorry, Tom). Given that it sat on my wishlist as “Coming Soon” for about 3 years, I shudder to think how long it will be languishing in EA.

Pretty cool video. But if the goal of a launch trailer is to tell people the basic info about your game I’m not sure that does a great job. I guess the assumption is you can always do your own damn Google about the game if you’re intrigued by this.

One of my favorite games have a sequel and it’s out! The art is not a total mess anymore and the women in the game have clothes!

Paging @rhamorim!

Sweeeeeet! Though I might actually miss some of the old art. It grows on you after a while. ;)

Anyway, buying this as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for the heads-up!

I should get back to the first game. Played a bit of it a year or two ago and it seemed intriguing but I set it aside until I could really focus on learning it.

Also, every single time I try to look it up it comes up empty because I put the wrong number of Rs or Ns. Mnemonic for next time: “Which way did he go?” " 'e ran north!"

Simply brilliant!!

Both look interesting but Potion Craft is EA.

Potion Craft had a limited-time demo on Steam a bit ago. It’s got a lot of unique things going on! Needed some work in some of the nooks and crannies, but that’s what EA is for!

This looks like fun: A fictional OS from the 1980s with games and apps to play and a mystery story to solve.

Hey, indie gamers! I wanted to post here in case you might have missed the main thread:

Come midnight*, you can get your hands on the indie game I helped to develop with the team at Vodeo Games: Beast Breaker!

We call it a turn-based mouse-bouncing adventure. (We also sometimes call it Peggle meets Monster Hunter.)

It’s out on the Switch (here) and on PC & Mac (here). Please check it out!

* (Switch is releasing at midnight, local time, in each time zone. PC & Mac will be out everywhere–we think!–at midnight Eastern time.)