Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Not my thing, but best of luck with it.

It might be more than you’d think. It looks like a casual game thing on the surface, especially with its cuteness, but the more I am playing it, the more it’s becoming a quite intricate tactical combat game. Billiards as a wargame, sort of oO.
Also the story dialogues are non intrusive: so well written and so short actually, I’m actually even longing for more of them, which never happens to me in games!

Dude, I was already convinced, and I was going to buy the game at some point in the near future, but you better stop or I’ll just have to buy it right now - and at the Epic store of all places. There should be an achievement for that or something.

Did we mention the 20% launch discount?

Until October 7th at the Epic store, so there’s plenty of time. ;)

Also, are you saying that you’d prefer for me to buy at a discount right now than at full price a bit later? ;)

A fair point, I suppose. ;)

You should get it

Ideally you’d buy it at a discount on the Epic store now and then buy it again at a discount when it releases on Steam. That’s a win-win (for @nightgaunt)

Haha, that would definitely be acceptable, @Charlatan!

(Just in case it needs to be said, you should all get the game if and when you like! But I do appreciate everyone taking an interest! There’s a Nintendo Direct starting in about five minutes, and I’ve prepared myself for them to announce something that will wipe away all memory of our little game from every gamer brain instantly. I’m not being too pessimistic, am I?)

Think of it as a way to lure more people to the eshop “what’s new” store page (you’re on 4th line in France, doing not too bad!)
A lot of releases were delayed from Japan publisher’s to this Nintendo live before it was announced, so that they could be there at the top at the given moment. I guess there is some preferential conduct going on there.

Yeah, turns out there weren’t many high profile games announced or launching today, and everyone ended up becoming obsessed about the casting of a movie! I think we got lucky!

A friend linked me this Twiglet Struggle wannabe. Anybody tried it in the two years since it has been released?

I know Twilight Struggle. I served with Twilight Struggle. This is no Twilight Struggle.

Seriously, it’s a decent light political strategy game marred by the odd decision to represent world leaders as Furries.

Twilight Struggle is a Zelda game right?

It’s more of a rogue-lite open world RPG with crafting and procedurally-generated dungeons to explore. With Furries.

I must confess the Canukistan screenshot made me chuckle. I’ll grab it when I stop playing amazing games!

I would (maybe) play this game about a wee stick’s struggle to grow into a mighty oak.

I am looking at Potion Craft but saw one person state that being older (at 37, imagine!) he was having difficulty with his wrist hurting mainly due to having to hold a mouse button to stir and crush etc.

Anyone have any experience?