Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

My personal favourite:

The world was once again flooded with death from hatred and justice.

The game is an early 2ks PC/Mac doujin, which I couldn’t purchase at the time. Probably very superficial and koeish, but I liked their first Zombie Vital game that way. Not picking it up at 30$ on the Switch though!

So a game developer reconstructed the lockpicking minigames from dozens of different games and put them all into one world. He calls it a “museum of mechanics.”

Just launched on Steam for a modest price. But there’s also a free version that’s been out on for awhile:

It may be that that one doesn’t have all the latest exhibits that have been added, but it seems to at least have a lot of them! Nevermind, I played the itch version and based on the screenshots on Steam, the presentation in the Steam version is all gussied up and the itch version is purely programmer art.

Pretty cool exercise. He implies that there are more in this series to come, exploring mechanics other than lockpicking. I wonder how many will be this compartmentalized? That has to make it a lot easier.

The original Supraland was a blast, sounds like this one is too: Supraland: Six Inches Under – Buried Treasure

Thanks, I gotta try this, the original really surprised me. It was like playing an exceptionally good mod for some game from the 90s or 00s – the writing is really goofy but the mechanics and level design are much deeper than you’re expecting.

I was playing the original the other day for the first time. I really liked it, but I got to a point where I couldn’t fit the life of me figure out how to get back to the starting area to buy stuff.

From what I was reading yesterday, this one has less of a linear map and more of a central hub with spokes leading off, so there wouldn’t be as much backtracking. Plus less/improved combat and a streamlined main path with much more side/exploration content.

This isn’t on gamepass is it?

The new DLC is not on gamepass. The original game still is.

I still have 3 separate games going, one is my original owned copy on Steam, one on Xbox, one on Win10. I’ll wait until I finish one before getting the DLC though. It’s a long and hard game. I still haven’t resorted to walkthroughs or hints yet, solving everything myself, which is very satisfying.

Switching between the three versions really helps. If I get stuck on one version, going to one of the other two to catch up lets me play through old puzzles again that I already know the solutions to, but playing through them triggers a connection and “aha” moments for the other ones that I’m stuck on.

This isn’t a DLC. It’s a separate game.

Ah, you’re right. I’ll continue in the original game’s thread.

For those that liked Flashback here’s Lunark

Yes, I find it more interesting than just about any other imitator. Tinted Grail gives it a run, but thus far I’m still in Slay’s court.

I want to know what Japanese was translated into this, like what were they going for, here.

I knew it! (About tainted grail vs the spire ;)

As for the Japanese, there is a bunch of stuff that reads like 101 lost in translation (Seigi, a concept of thinking what’s right or wrong against what others might think, which is a quite neutral notion in Japan, is often mistranslated to “justice” for instance)
For the catchline, i can infer that it was something about parody/caricature (oroka, in japanese, a concept that devolved into foolishness because of the bad publicity given to criticizing in Japanese society, then devolved further nowadays to stupidity), and an inversion of object and subject very common in the complicated Japanese grammar (see: attack on titan, whose original title was"titans attack").
So I am guessing: “play as parodic takes of sengoku leaders” was the original.

Ok, I just fired up Northern Journey again after a bit of a hiatus and got to Ravenfen where I found the bow. Trouble is, if you’ve gotten the bow you know you might have a reason to want to pull it out, but…I can’t. Mouse wheel doesn’t work. The number keys don’t work. How am I supposed to use this stupid thing???

You have to place it in a weapon slot first, I think?

Exactly this. You have four weapon short-cut keys, but you’ll find more than four weapons. Fortunately, it pauses the game when you pull up the weapon menu so you can swap any weapon at any point if you need it.

Wow. Looks like a copy of Flashback instead of a homage, but I’ll keep my eye on that one. I loved Flashback back in the day.

This seems really neat:

Agreed, looks like a good possibility. Video which does some explaining.

Whoa, cool! Paging Tom! We have Braingoodlike!

Really appreciate the confidence of these graphics. No animated frippery that obfuscates information.

What happened to them? Why aren’t we getting a new game every six months anymore?

He is still “working on various ideas” but can’t say what will turn out as a game in the end.

As for the why to the change in release style I would speculate because the games were just too niche to live off.