Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Another time loop game I missed: Vessels – Buried Treasure

If it has some good solution to the problem of repeating stuff like my favourite dude in The Forgotten City this sounds like it could be neat.

And it would look so nice in my Steam library next to

Did you finish that game?

I got about 6 hours in and stuck on one of the fluid puzzles.

I finished it way back in the day. I tried to re-play it more recently, but didn’t get all the way through it.

That looks like a good puzzle platformer, I don’t think I’ve played one of those since Tetrobot & Co

Vessel is great, and really unique. A pretty cool display of fluid tech, too. I never did finish it… Got a bit flummoxed by some of the later puzzles. I wonder if it was the same place lordkosk was stuck…

Nobody Saves the World is in Gamepass, fyi

This is a touch preemptive, but I’m really jazzed for it: Strange Horticulture comes out tomorrow. RPS and PC Gamer both put up strong reviews for it today. I really liked the demo. WOO weird plants and freaky freaks!

Might be an extremely rare day-one purchase for me, depending on the price.

I just played the demo for this one. I really like the atmosphere and having to figure out plants and locations without having things spelled out too explicitly, and there appears to be an overall plot that makes things more interesting.

It’s a bit curious the name of the plant is already known when the customer comes in with a request. I feel like it would have been more fitting if you had to figure out what to prescribe for their situation. The one downside while playing was that there were two times where it looked like two plants fit the available information for a request, so I just had to guess and pick one. One of those was narrowed down because I had identified the other plant already, but that doesn’t sound like the way to solve these? Not sure if I missed something.

Anyways, pretty cool game. I will probably pick it up sometime. One of the devs in their Steam forum estimated it was about 5-6 hours of content.

edit: Love the black cat. I would totally play a cat petting simulator.

Right clicking on a plant puts it in the examination menu (middle option on the left) which often has additional information. Mostly this covers smell and touch, in addition to the visual indicators for the sprite.
This helped me solve the visual toss ups in the demo.

Blast from the past! Loved that game and its fluid automatons. Some really clever and unique puzzles.

Edit: also got me into the excellent Jon Hopkins.

Helena Bonham Carter Presents: Cthulhu’s Gothplants is out.

That looks like it ought to be a Fallen London game. I kind of want to check it out.

edit: oh cool, RPS has a review -

Man that sounds great. But it also sounds like it will be on Game Pass in three months…

Finished the tutorial but in the campaign it seems you still can’t save mid-map. Tell me I’m missing something, because otherwise, back it goes.

Ah thanks, I’ll have to try all the tools out more carefully next time.

If anyone is getting this right away, I see a price of $10.79 on GMG with their VIP pricing. I’m probably going to wait a bit since I have a ton of games to play especially since I just picked up Game Pass.

I didn’t try during mid map. I kept losing and left after my last attempt.

One thing I didn’t realize is that when you sell a map tile it resets the items you are trying to gather. I hadn’t realized that aspect of gameplay.

I played a bunch of hours and I can say I like it.
There are some missed opportunities but it is a relaxing and atmospheric experience.
The Papers, Please inspired clerical work works well. Plants have various amounts of identifying hints, occasionally hidden or clever ones. The other kind of hint based puzzles mostly feel good to solve as well.

It doesn’t quite reach great status but I would recommend it if you enjoyed the demo.