Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

You shouldn’t hit anything if you read the map and the coordinates, and plot your course using the lat/longs (x,y). There are a few bits where you have a fairly narrow path, but if you take it carefully you’ll be fine. I mean, that isn’t to say other things won’t happen.

But yeah, it’s just a small experiment in making map reading very scary, really. I agree about holding down the mouse button, but you need to be able to hit the brakes sometimes. A toggle would probably have worked just as well.

This looks good enough to wishlist. ;)

Screenies look like an isometric Thief game. I’m interested.

I think the people who made the game, watched the movie DARK MAN a few times, then said this is a great idea for a game!

Peglin releases in a few days. It has a demo available right now.

Directly from the Steam page and describing it succinctly: “Peglin plays like a combination of Peggle and Slay the Spire.”

Try out Seven. It was an isometric Thief game :)

W… what? There exists such a thing?

It has its fans. And a demo :)

Thanks, I’ll check it out! Thief is an all-time favorite of mine.

Sorry to be that guy, especially since Peglin does look pretty cool, but it doesn’t actually release for at least a year. What will be available on the 25th sounds like the usual early early access. :(


You’re that guy, don’t be sorry!

Actually before I even looked at your post, I already knew what it would be: you could just post a game’s name and we, EA intolerant pimps, would know it should be skipped for a while to prevent any allergic exposure.

Our anti @bobtree, sort of!

Speaking of which, I hope you’re fine bobtree.

I am not well, but thanks regardless. When Elden Ring launched I stopped browsing the new Steam releases. I don’t know if I’ll get back to it and clear that backlog.

Nazi-hunting espionage puzzler Ashland Dossier is in full release (no EA). Looks intriguing but I know nothing about it. Fortunately there’s a demo.

The game has a general look like an Amiga game with a higher resolution. Not what I would have expected from the subject matter.

I tried the demo and it left me cold. Meh.

Grabbed this on a whim and its worth playing. Props on the visual polish, it has a really nice fake-retro aesthetic that reminds me of Brave Fencer Musashi. It plays like a musou game, but with a customizable moveset in a similar vein to God Hand with collectible components called combat arts.

Finding secret moves by combining the right building blocks seems like a big part of the game. I eventually ran into a Dojo event on one map where an NPC taught me how to stack the Step art (a dodge) and the Power art (gives a move animation priority when receiving damage) to create Power Step, which lets you dodge cancel out of other moves. The enemy captains and pre-built character classes also have attacks that you can recreate out of your collected combat arts, and they tend to be pretty good, if you can figure out what to combine.

RPS has a review of Citizen Sleeper, which is a cool looking little sci-fi adventure/RPG/something or other. Also worth noting that it will be releasing on Game Pass.

Very excited for this. Vice and Polygon have also weighed in with recommendations:

Not sure if “games like Vampire Survivors” is going to become it’s own genre, but this ate up an evening pretty handily.

(Edit: this is also Early Access, like Vampire Survivors)

And like Vampire Survivor, it’s not out yet. :) Early access for 3-6 months, which means it might come out sometime in 2023.