Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Man it’s a combination of words I love (ARPG) and hate (survival crafting). Just gimme the loot, I don’t wanna make it. Wah.

Well, that video gives me the impression the scales is tilted more toward the aRPG side than the survival side.

Valheim is a tough act to beat. :)

That at least had full controller support at EA launch! V Rising doesn’t seem to have any unfortunately, nor is any currently planned. Which itself is odd for a modern ARPG.

You got me. Forgot about this:

One of my more anticipated games; I made a thread for Sandwalkers.
Sandwalkers is an upcoming caravan management game by the makers of Legend of Keepers.
You do roguelike runs with caravans of procedurally generated adventurers on procedural maps.

Both graphics and combat basics look similar to Legend of Keepers. Caravan member have distinctive jobs that supposedly “greatly influence the gameplay” options you have. Your travels and decisions do influence future runs and there is a bigger overarching goal of repairing the broken climate.
The pixel art in this is very nice and the backgrounds are gorgeous.

Legend of Keepers was so close to being good for me. I like pixel/drawn art so the excessive style was no drawback for me.
The base design of Keepers was a real downer though, with combat being defined by very intentional attrition and one shot abilities on your team rendering a lot of the monster building moot. I’m hoping the more… protective approach towards caravan members solves that very feelbad issue.


World Seed reminds me of hex-based games I played as a kid, like Barbarian Prince or SSI stuff.

This plays much like a board game, from what I can tell. Some caveats: it’s an mmo for some reason, complete with server issues (?!). It’s also using a shareware model with a $9 unlock.

Anyone try it?

Tried to try it, but can’t get to the main menu. There’s a big pop-up that warns you it’s a demo, and you have to in-app-purchase the full game for $9 if you want to get past the beginning.

Then it makes you log in, but there appears to be something going on with the servers, because it seems like you can’t. So I can’t play it. Ah, well. Good thing there was a demo!

Yeah, there were server issues earlier. Still not clear why this is an online game.

Apparently, you can also play via browser at

Team Ladybug, the devs behind the Touhou Luna Nights and Deedlit in Wonderland metroidvanias, has just stealth dropped a new release - a sidescrolling shooter with the exceptional pixel art that has become their trademark. It happened to drop while I’m in the middle of a shmup kick thanks to the addicting second loop of Zeroranger, so I went ahead and picked it up. Seems to have a progression and customization system for your ship’s loadout, as well as a mechanic for absorbing bullets. I’m hoping there’s a Radiant Silvergun/Zeroranger style melee option available at some point.

I see the 2nd Goetia game was just recently released.

This comes out tomorrow as a full (no EA!) release. I thought the first one was pretty good, so am looking forward to impressions of the sequel.

Is this the first time in history that a game’s sequel is cheaper than the previous title, both on sale and list price?

If you like impossible mind-bending kaleidoscopic level design, sexy fractals and abstract puzzles then do I have the game for you!

Recursive Ruin is a really fantastic little first-person puzzler mixed with about equal parts walking sim. It has a gorgeous clean-cut sci-fi aesthetic that reminded me a lot of Echo*, but is far more technically impressive. Just look at this (taken the first level, about as ‘simple’ as it gets):

I enjoyed it immensely. I have a couple of minor reservations regarding the writing - perhaps a bit too abstract/ponderous/not sure if it was tapping into some mythology I’m not familiar with - but it really does an oppressive atmosphere well when it wants to. Shit gets weird, though I’d stop short of calling it ‘horror’ - there are no jump scares or anything of that nature. Playing late at night with my headphones on, however, some of the unsettling locations you visit (mainly in the non-puzzle walking sim sections) really did instil a feeling of existential dread.

Perhaps a little short if you’re good at 3D spatial reasoning (like me!) but I thoroughly recommend it regardless.

Plus, life advice from your spirit cat!

* RIP, ULTRA ULTRA   ( ╥﹏╥) ノシ

fox.ferro. fox.ferro. do you read me. I am bizarro you. I fell off my chair while that video was playing.
somebody help me

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I’m sure I must have seen stuff about this and just assumed it was related to the first game. Looks cool.

Ohhh, this looks great and I know someone who will love this (who loved Echo, Manifold Garden and Yedoma Globula).

This looks intriguing! But this:

is what sold it - I don’t really know how I’d rate my spatial reasoning skills, but a game being short is a huge plus point for me. Most games should be a lot shorter than they are! (Or why not have an option, next to the difficulty setting - let the player ask for a movie-length version of the game, and give them an experience edited down to the best bits.)

This got a deep belly laugh from me!

If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and check out the demo for Aces and Adventures. It’s the upcoming game by Triple.B.Titles, the developers of one of my favorite games called Popup Dungeon.

I consider this to be my good deed for the day. :-)