Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Nice! I have a soft spot for games that use poker basics in creative ways. ;)

Nice find. Plus there’s a demo.

I recognized the text as from one of the apostolic epistles. Looks like you couldn’t do the inverted letters with accents, though. :(

Huh, the trailer gives me a bit of a Hand of Fate vibe.

Okay, this demo is incredibly slick. I’m not entirely certain I understand all the mechanics, but the way Card play works is very cool. For instance, you might need a particular suit to activate an ability, ask the while trying to set up a big poker hand. So maybe you want to take a hit to discard a particular card, but you can change the suit of that card in order to avoid taking damage (due to a passive trait). The individual rules at play are simple, but combine in interesting ways.

Hey, this looks great. I was going to say that 2030 seems a bit too soon for a futuristic hyperviolent blood sport, but I quickly reconsidered after a second of more thought.

Oh, it’s probably possible - just the tool I used skipped over them and I didn’t notice until later (and didn’t bother correcting it).

The quick Papageno jumps over the ʎzɐ̖ן fox, I guess.

Not tried it yet, but that deck editor gives me real Magic The Gathering on the Amiga vibes…

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Such a show-off! :)


That game doesn’t even have its own thread. How good could it possibly be? That means no one who has played it is passionate enough about it to create a thread for it.

That’s because it’s so good that any thread with the words “space”, “beast”, “terror”, or “fright” in it qualifies as a Space Beast Terror Fright thread. I’d say the forum probably has a hundred or so Space Beast Terror Fright threads! :)


EDIT: That’s the last time I take @Rock8man’s word for something!

Parts of the description of Space Beast Terror reminded me of Space Hulk. Any inspiration in that regard?

Oh it’s VERY Space Hulky, but faster paced and a lot of its own design. It’s got amazing variety.

There is a demo for it, at least on the Switch, and while I love games articulated around cheating, the demo made it appearent that there was a lack of an underlying overall game. You cheat and the game is to cheat and thus… cheating isn’t that much cheating? I doubt I’m being very clear…

What is this? The font makes it appear to be licensed from Firaxis, but it says nothing about that. A print-and-play Civ game? What the what? At least there’s a demo.

I don’t think the word “Civ” is an enforced trademark.

Introversion have just announced their next project. Honestly what they have so far doesn’t look all that unique, but you can’t not be interested in an Introversion game. And either way it’s going to be a while before you can buy it.

No, but the logo on the Steam page sure looks like Firaxis

This is a popular filler game at Chez Chick:

Basically set collection with some “take that” wrangled into a satisfying enough ten minute game. They can call themselves “Civ” because it’s obviously an acronym for Carta Imperia Victoria, so there’s not a judge on the planet that could touch them! In fact, if they thought up enough words for the letters, they could probably call themselves Sid Meier’s Civilization ™. Just stick a period between each letter and you’re good to go.