Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

It seems the same publisher (but NOT same developer) already released Radio Commander and has one called Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign in the works. I recall a stream of Radio Commander that showed interesting gameplay but exceptionally goofy writing.

Then there’s Radio General, which is I think like Radio Commander but WWII in Europe, and is an entirely separate publisher/developer but looks very similar.

“You command thy armies” was painful to read. The game’s premise does sound interesting, though.

This looks very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Or Waterloo, way back on the Amiga. Where you not only commanded your troops by entering written orders which had a time delay, might not be followed, etc, you also had to enter them via text parser input (with proper British spelling.)

Thanks for jogging my memory. I KNEW I had seen a similar concept back in ancient times, but I couldn’t recall where.

Uh, I totally had forgotten there is a new Clash game in development. I just saw a trailer

It looks like it released today?


I played the demo for it on Xbox during their indie demo fest thing a couple months back. It’s quite something. I am absolutely picking it up at some point, probably this week if there’s the usual launch discount that a lot of indie games have…

Never even heard of this game before but it looks awesome in the music is rockin’.

Boneraiser Minions has left early access.

The digital adaptation of Munchkin is out of EA. I’ll probably give it a shot over the weekend.

Ha ha. Boneraiser.

This is a good vampire survivors/bullet heaven style game.

Rather than collecting weapons you summon/raise more and more creatures to help you.

Lots of things to unlock including some classes that play differently and a few other game modes including a CCG!

This is a brilliant concept. Only just heard of Hisato No Saku, though it came out in 2021:

It’s an RPG where you guard the town gates, decide who gets let in, and who you turn away (and apparently fight off, if you need to). With the goal of getting your town through the winter by choosing who to admit.

(Oh shit, I hope this isn’t an allegory on immigration policy)

It’s a fake Japanese game, but there is a real Japanese one that I won’t link here with… let’s say a very, very different take to the ethics of No Papers Please!

Relic Space! Anyone for a turn-based… 4X… rogue-like early access spaceship battling game? @BrianRubin, this on your radar?

Sure is, having the dev on our podcast in a couple of weeks. Haven’t yet tried the game though. It’s made by the same developer of this:

Which was excellent, so I have high hopes.

Teraformers finally hit 1.0

I watched KoS play this a few months ago, sold me on it.

But it is a puzzle game, isn’t it? It also looks nice. What really scares me is the idea of “There is this one path you’ll have to figure out…” Can you tell if that’s the case here?

It’s very board game-like. I wouldn’t call it puzzly.
Imagine if Terraforming Mars the board game were actually fun.