Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

En Garde was originally a small student game, and it’s incredibly good. The team is super-talented. Expanding it into a fuller experience should result in something amazing.

I guess they don’t have the demo posted anymore. (I assume it was the original student project.) Anyway, the full game should be worth the wait.

ADDENDUM: I should say–based off the student game, it’s not really accurate to compare this with Souls games… except that they both have sword fighting?

Hence the “Dork Souls” monicker; the dorky off-screen quips from the defeated enemies put this squarely into the comedy genre.
You could argue that the gameplay is heavily parry and dodge based, but yes - it’s about as far away from the classic Souls tropes as it can get, and I’m pretty grateful for that.

My only fear is that the environmental elements might become too repetitive - there’s only so many boxes you can kick around before it gets stale.

Shadows of Forbidden Gods has left early access. There’s a ~2 year old demo.

re: En Garde, this youtuber played unknown souls games and it was featured on it. Looks really good.

The attack rhythm and effects of En Garde go straight to my dopamine centers. I’ve been fooled by a lot of indie Souls games though.

I’m interested in En Garde precisely because it doesn’t look like a Souls game to me. Fingers crossed I haven’t misread it.

The reason it’s not like Dark Souls (based on the demo, but also in line with its theme) is that it wants you to succeed from the outset, not to fail. It’s not a game about precision execution, it’s a game about wheeling around a combat playground.

Good, because that’s exactly what I want it to be. I really don’t have time for games that hate me. :)

En Garde is nothing like the Souls games and that’s exactly why I fell in love with the demo.

It’s new and fresh for a start, and so much more colourful and effervescent. The movement and combat is fluid and almost rhythmic with a much greater focus on the environment to beat your foes. Parrying is also something you have to do to progress rather than something you do to… well, flex or die. I think I amped up the difficulty in the demo to test the water and still had a great time juggling all the enemies and trying to position myself advantageously. It feels so confident and focused, and it’s helped by stellar voice work and some great dialogue (I love some of the lines from bested enemies lying on the ground, buried under crates and weapon racks, ‘where would winners be without losers eh?’)

Honestly though, I’m so fed up of the Souls games, the ‘Souls-like’ moniker (in the same way as ‘roguelike’) and everything being compared to them because they’re either third-person melee or just… hard. And don’t get me started on the whole ‘It’s the Dark Souls of clichéd remarks’ It sure is! (Sorry, I’ve just woke up.)

I’ve heard a few folk compare En Garde to Arkham Asylum’s combat. I only played the demo of that a long time ago but I do recall some similarities with regards to flow and group dynamics but the details are fuzzy. Either way, I can’t wait for this to release!

I thought this was a pretty decent clip I took (despite Nvidia Shadowplay messing up the aspect ratio). It looks button mashy but I can assure you it was a lot more calculated than that! I was pretty happy with the parries and dodges coupled with the kicks and box/rack play.

I also took this screenshot which made me laugh because I love chorizo paella! :)

Seems appropriate with the Oppenheimer movie coming out this weekend. A free PC version of the Manhattan Project Boardgame is available:

Man, the writing is sort of not Fit for Adult Native English Speaker. Not a great look for a visual novel. It’s awesome they made their game though!

Heads up, fanciers of paella, swashbuckling and kicking henchmen into environmental hazards:

En Garde! Will release on the 16th of August.

Oh that’s very exciting, thanks for the tip!

Doomsday Hunters has left early access. This was originally called “I, Dracula: Genesis”. It has a demo. See also their upcoming VS-like Doomsday Fodder, again with a demo.

On that note:

From the developers of Going Under, which I quite liked.

Squirrel just started streaming this. Seems weird. The tycoon side of it seems to sit somewhere betwen Capitalism and Monopoly Tycoon, which appeals, but then you have to do everything via an avatar that moves around the map like an open world game. Probably not for me.

Josh is always here to show us the correct way to play a game.

Action-roguelike third person arena shooter, some level randomization, 4p competitive and co-op.

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