Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Whispers in the West – Online cooperative point-and-click with additional DLC cases. There’s a demo too.

Endgame of Devil is a Luck be a landlord-esque drafting game where you build a team of monsters to protect your treasure from adventurers. Newly translated into (reasonably good, it looks like) English. Lots of relic/creature synergies etc, with an ascension system.

Was scrolling this topic just now when I see a graphic with a guy who looks just like Eddie Marsan lol I just watched Eddie the other day in a half-lousy horror movie called The Limehouse Golem where he’s wearing what looks like one of those “bald” wigs you saw in the back of old 60s/70 comic books for a buck. Eddie’s done some great stuff though, a favorite being his lonely but potentially dangerous driving instructor stalking free-spirited Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky.

Heh, I saw him in a cool little indie sci-fi movie last week called Vesper. Kind of a post-biopunk-apocalypse thing. He did a good job.

Just watched a video by Splattercat playing Zephon. Came here to talk about it and I found out it’s has been mentioned at least once, but it also has a dedicated thread!

It’s a post-apoc 4x game that’s made by the guys who did WH40k: Gladius. The universe seems new but a lot of the elements feel 40k-like… hopefully different enough so as to avoid copyright strikes.

Even though it’s in an Alpha state it looks and feels pretty nice. There is a demo available. I believe the demo is a new development.


Thronefall has popped up on my YouTube feed from a couple of different streamers. It’s a builder/city defense which is often described as a cross between Kingdom and They Are Billions. During the daytime you build and upgrade stuff, and at night you defend your kingdom against various and sundry invaders. It has some roguelite elements in that you can get persistent buffs to yourself (and to the monsters if you want extra XP). Seems like a fun little game, and I do like the charming minimalistic graphics.

Plus it’s less than $10!

This looks lovely, thanks for the tip!

Merchant of the Six Kingdoms was recently released.

You play one such merchant in a barter based game.
Each day you meet a number of people with different jobs, inventories, demands and preferences. You barter a large variety of goods with notably different values for different people and in different locations.
Spices from an island republic are very valuable in other cities, gems and ores are really cheap near he mining towns in the mountains. Stuff like that.

There is money in the game (copper, silver, gold coins) but it comes with an evaluation penalty that is different for each person you meet. As an example bringing ore to a blacksmith and directly bartering it for weapons and armour (to sell to soldiers, adventurers and assassins) is notably more profitable than selling the ore for money and/or buying those weapons for money.

At times this can be slightly frustrating when people don’t make you coin offers and just want to trade an assortment of items from your inventory instead.
In general the bartering is well done though and overall making profit is pretty easy.

Besides the main trading mechanic there is a number of smaller game systems to tie it together. Warehouses, titles, quests, horse races, speculative investments and a CCG you buy cards for and can play.

I quite like it, and it’s currently 35% off.

That looks really unique! Thanks for bringing it up.

+1 for Thronefall here. GrizzlyGames (Islanders) have a good sense on how to make “minimalistic” games and turn them into something interesting.

This is their first game iirc that doesn’t use procgen, so the variety of builds you can come up with for each map is quite varied all things considered. Price will be going up as more maps get added in.

Also, leaderboards, it has leaderboards and I love leaderboards

Oh wait, it’s the same folk? Islanders was so good!

Fully quoting you here to emphasise what a terrific little tower defense game this is.

I don’t mind the fixed build points, but it does make me wonder how epic the game could be with free-form building.

Really enjoying the game - damn challenging too (last two maps) when mixed with the challenge runs. Yet another “early access” game that feels like a complete and highly polished product.

Really good Vampire Survivors-like.

What sets it apart? The video makes it look identical, aside from different graphics!

The game feels a bit tougher and more strategic. Also there’s some quests in the game.

It’s hard to describe, honestly. The biggest thing is the Diablo I aesthetic. I could think of a lot of dislikes, yet it’s fun to play, lol.

Also note there is a “Prelude” you can try for free, although I expect the full game has quite a lot more features now and I’m not sure how much of that has been backported. Main thing I noticed in my runs is that there are distinct waves of monsters that have fairly distinct movement patterns, and the minibosses each have distinctive (but slow/highly telegraphed) attacks to dodge - like 3 diagonal beams, or spirals. It did feel like you would need to do at least a couple runs to get enough metaprogression to complete a level, and you’ll probably need plenty of runs to unlock more weapons and classes - if you get the “just one more run” feeling after the first few runs it probably means the gameplay loop will work for you. The Diablo-style art is unfortunately a (big) minus for me, but it definitely feels like one of the more solid designs in this space - and the number of reviews puts this very very high in terms of popularity (is there any others more popular other than Vampire Survivors itself? maybe Soulstone Survivors?), especially considering it is relatively new, so I’d say it will easily get quite a lot of updates. Okay, I’ve just convinced myself to pick it up haha.

Also note - you can save an extra 10% if you already own 20 minutes till dawn or Spellbook DemonSlayers or Star Survivor - there’s a “complete the bundle” promos with those.

Edit: I can confirm that the prelude progress gets imported into your full version so there is at least forward compatibility.

You can check player numbers on Steam Charts. Brotato left early access recently and is currently more popular than VS or Halls of Torment, though VS has double the all-time peak.

I haven’t gotten close to seeing the level boss, let alone winning a level. This is a game where you need a BUNCH of metaprogression to win. For instance, every time you complete a quest achievement, you get a permanent xp boost, so you level faster (this was actually needed recently).

The unlocks come very slow early on. The second character unlocks right away, but you might need a win to get the third (not sure). There are more characters and features than it first appears, though.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the runs are 30 minutes, like many VS levels. There’s no turbo mode to my knowledge.

If those things don’t bother you, then this is a really interesting entry into the genre. I think it’s fun, but not necessarily for everybody

If you are ok with those things