Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Dungeon Meshi x Recettear. Looks great!

Have you tried dropping it down to easy? I think that might be closer to what you’re after. This was from a recent article I saw on the En Garde! Steam news feed.

En Garde! has 3 difficulty settings: easy, medium and hard modes.

These difficulty modes have an influence on:

  • Parry and dodge timing windows
  • Damage caused by player parries and critical strikes (increased in easy mode only)
  • Number of HP for Adalia
  • Duration of invulnerability after Adalia got hit
  • Enemies aggressiveness
  • Enemy stun time

I like that there are no achievements specifically for beating the different modes on harder difficulties; that seems very much in keeping with the game accommodating different kinds of players.


Yep, playing on easy probably makes sense, but my disappointment is more that philosophically they clearly decided to make a slightly different game than I was looking forward to. That’s fine, they obviously don’t have to cater to me; it just doesn’t match the promise of the demo as I perceived it. Maybe they found good reasons during development to not go the “swashbuckling playground” direction, or maybe the challenge of fencing combat was what the team was enthusiastic about. I hope they made what they wanted to make, and I definitely think it’s a really well-made game. It misses the mark a little bit for me personally.

Steam Strategy Fest currently, with moderate sales on a wide selection of titles.
Nothing too exciting but maybe a threshold price is reached for some people for titles like Xenonauts 2 (25% off) or Against the Storm (35% off).

Also a demo for the highly anticipated by me Reus 2.

Ooh nice.

Just came here to post that, good job!

I loved Reus, looking forward to jumping into this demo.

Goobies, Goobies, Goobies, GOOBIES!

Your protégés have a zero punctuation video!

I would say he damned it with faint praise, but this is Yhatzee, so faint praise means he liked it???

Haha, definitely not my proteges, but I do feel a bit invested in their success (totally parasocially).

It’s a fair point that you should be able to kick dudes when swinging on a chandelier. That’s the kind of thing I wish the final game had invested more time into instead of precision combat, trickier AI, and special attack moves. Just my opinion, though.

Great Houses of Calderia just entered Early Access.

It’s a more focused, fantasy Crusader Kings. Instead of a whole world you play within one realm. Think more Westeros instead of Europe + Middle East + India of CK.
Mechanically it already has some aspects that take advantage of that. Court positions for instance in the realm are a much bigger deal and have an entire process of qualification and negotiation associated with them.
The economy has a Lord of the Realm style worker foundation (think Master of Orion 2 for base resources, without the building queue). Characters interact with it as overseers.

It is in the early stages. The game features several mini games for various types of conflict. The ones I’ve encountered were … not great.
“Balancing” is all over and content needs some attention. UI also need some serious work.
One additional huge issue is the map, which is not only lacking in information and very poorly optimized, but also -incredibly ugly-.
It would be so much better in several ways with a nice, painted 2D map.

It has a demo.

Isn’t that basically his complete schtick these days. Even stuff he actually likes he still piles on anyway, when in years gone by he’d just say it was great. Gotta get those clicks, I guess.

Void Stranger is out today. A sokoban puzzler by the ZeroRanger devs, so you know it’s going to be more than just that. And probably very hard. It’s great on the Steam Deck though, even when it shuts your game down to pull a quirky little trick.

Great Houses of Calderia looks promising. Hoping they clean up some of those issues for the full release.

Someone sent me this, looks pretty cool! Not only is it artful 2D, but also actually good first person 3D!

Giving a try to the demo, but yeah, the interface is beyond me. Tutorial wants me to construct a building, but I’ll be damned if I can find a way to get this to happen.

It looks like a very ambitious undertaking.

I have this on my wish list. I hope these issues are ironed out before 1.0 hits.

Saturnalia is finally arriving on Steam with a new demo! It was launched and given away for free for a limited time on Epic where I quickly grabbed it and later came to love it. It’s a shame it didn’t get more attention because it’s such a strange, unique, unnerving, disorienting and intimate investigative/mystery horror game. The visuals, music and sound design are exceptional too.

RPS also included it among their Bestest Bests:

Chants of Sennaar is the next game being favorably compared to Return of the Obra Dinn–a linguistic deduction game of deciphering languages. Apparently with some stealth sequences???

There’s a demo!

Return of the Obra-Dinn like, you say? I’m in!

Sounds kind of like that inkle game Heaven’s Vault. I’m intrigued.