Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Just saw a video on Last Train Home, which is going to have a demo during the Steam Next Fest in early October.

This is a game based on real events - set around 1919 during the Russian Civil War. A bunch of soldiers from the a Czech army (the Czech Legion) were in Russia after WW I when the war started, and to get out they have to travel by train all the way East to Vladivostok. That’s the setup.

You ride the train to the East - as you pass by towns you can stop and trade for supplies, or forage for food/water/supplies. Some of these stops trigger RTWP tactical missions, others will present illustrated narratives where you choose your response from a set of choices. It’s got RPG elements where you form squads to take on missions and level up your soldiers, including assigning them professions (like medic, sniper, etc). You manage and upgrade your train by improving different train cars as you journey. There’s also scripted narrative events that occur (somewhat similar to those in Frostpunk). Maybe it’s trying to mix too many elements, but it’s interesting, and explores a part of history that I bet most people are unaware of. So that’s neat.

If that sounds intriguing, give it a shot next week!

Has anyone seen this Quasimorph game?

I had this on my wishlist but don’t remember from where. It describes itself as a turn-based extraction roguelike. Splattercat has a let’s play video from 4 months ago, and he liked it so far.

It launches as early access on 10/2.

He played it again a few days ago

Ah thanks for that. I’ll try to watch that one soon.

Cocoon, the new game from the makers of Inside and Limbo, is reviewing well and will be out tomorrow, Sept 29. Will be on Game Pass on day one, as well.

I had not, but it’s in my wheelhouse, thank you.

I’m there yesterday! Maybe the most exciting game news of the year for me. I didn’t even know they were making another one. I’m going to Ohana Fest this weekend which will be awesome, but now I’m a little sad I won’t be playing this instead :(

Wow, sounds great. I’m actually a little more tepid on Limbo and Inside than many others, though I recognize they’re very good. But there actually haven’t been a lot of games this year that have blown me away, and this sounds like it has potential.

This came out of nowhere!

A free game by the co-creator of the XBox’s Fable series.


  • Large, hand-designed open world
  • An infinite supply of dungeons generated using your character name
  • Over 100 varied enemy types, from fodder to bosses
  • 35 unique Gifts from the Gods, their usage changing with the moon phases
  • Sailing, ship-to-ship combat and boarding
  • A Dungeon Synth OST with over 50 tracks, all made using retro Mod Trackers!
  • A hidden magic system and many other mysteries

The Frog Fractions guy has a new tiny adventure game out today:

Frog Fractions fandom aside, I’m excited to check it out because it is supposed to be created in PICO-8, which I also use to make goofy games with my kids. He has provided the PICO-8 cart and bonus source materials on his Mastodon feed:

I really do expect this to just be a little adventure game, but there’s always the possibility that this is Frog Fractions: Infinity.

So, this is great. Get it y’all.

Yeah, I’m enjoying it too. Nostalgia!!


Hahahahahaha yes

Moonring looks awesome. Those playing, would you consider it a classic roguelike or more of a RPG?

GIYFIF (Get it you fucks, its free)

I think only the dungeons are rogue-like. The game autosaves when you enter a dungeon and, if you fail, it’ll start you over with a newly-generated dungeon. The rest of the game including towns and the overworld are handmade.

Why is this game free? I want to pay somebody something for it!

I think maybe the intent was to ask whether there was permadeath?

That’s redundant!

Nope, no perma-death.

Last Train Home looks very interesting.

Personally, I am sorry that it is designed to be played as an RTS, we’ll see how good the pause function is. And it remains to be seen the extent to which all these choices matter. (Would a game dev doing a train-centered game allow the game to be figuratively as well as literally on rails?) But this has the potential to be a great game. Will definitely try the demo in October.