Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I played it a bit yesterday. It kind of reminds me of Caves of Qud with saves turned on. Fixed overworld with procedural dungeons. So far it’s pretty sweet.

Islands of the Caliph is out now, it’s less than $10, and there’s a demo. Old school first-person real-time RPG with keyboard only controls (hell yeah).

Oh I saw that on Twitter the other day and love the look of it. I only have some experience with those kinds of games, namely Eye of the Beholder and Dungeons of Avalon on the Amiga.

My favourite strange games unearther unsteamer pointed me toward Mini Continental Saga.

First, it’s in Early Access, and this is because the author needs a whole lot of help I guess, as if this inscrutable game about pushing tribes around in a more or less direct manner has got a tutorial, it doesn’t cover some aspects of the interface that are capital. This is sort of a Black and White, set on a small board. And your beast can’t communicate or move.
That’s because you are an obelisk, only able to affect somewhat the world in a limited range around it. To do so, you use cards fueled by one of three faith ressources (I will call them mysteries, esoterics and mystics) you can gather over time, or generate through more or less gentle means.
I’m doing a terrible job of describing it. The game is a sort of sandbox with a lot of wacky elements that conflict with each others, over a boardgame layer of trying to actually got something done on the map.
The game features a mission mode which are pretty much puzzles. Quite complex ones, even early on. But they do teach you a few things.
Your progress allows you to unlock new card to build a power deck with.
Anyway I put it there for the fond of weird, pseudo board gamey things around here. I spent two hours on it climbing slowly the steps of the Chick Parabola, but I have no idea where I am.
It also got a soothing soundscape of natural sounds. A bit what you’d hear in 90s golf games, I guess. Plus the lions. And dragons.

Send help.

As a bonus, the game is mostly playable with a gamepad. And on Macintosh, too, apparently.

That does look terribly interesting!

Looks interesting. Wishlisted.

Demo now available on Steam Next Fest

This looks pretty cool - kind of a 2D, Dead Space inspired Metroid-like (I guess I’d say Metroidvania, but that seems to inspire disgust in certain crowds). I’m kind of a sucker for sci-fi/horror, I’m sure I’ll pick this one up when it releases:

That’s a bold choice for the music, I like it!

A couple of interesting looking new releases

Space Wreck even has its own thread!

Just watched a Splattercat video on a game called The Bloodline. It’s a first-person medieval RPG with a large explorable world, quests, enemies, etc. Seems like it’s a one-person development team (which usually makes me leery) but the current state of the game is pretty impressive.

Skill system seems similar to the Elder Scrolls games, where using a skill gives you improvements in it. But the combat has been described as “Vemmintide-like” and I dunno what that exactly means but it’s seen as a positive!

I usually don’t buy EA titles but it seems like it’s a title to keep an eye on.

You probably kill a lot of rats. :P

You sure you watched that video? 😄 It’s referencing the melee combat.

I did watch the video but I’m not familiar with Vermintide combat, and to me it seemed a lot like Skyrim, so the Vermintide description was sort of lost on me.

I haven’t either, but it is known for having great melee. I’ve started to buy it a bunch of different times and never pull the trigger.

Had a free day and deduced to give this a try.

11 hours later (well I stopped for lunch and some TV) I’m about 2/3rds in (I think) and loving it. It’s pretty fantastic how it is at the same time old school and ultra-modern.

I’d love many, many more games in this style. Alas, this one took 4 years to make, so it’s unlikely we’ll get anything else soon enough.

Probably not, from what I’ve seen. I’ve had so little time to play, unfortunately. What a wonderful gem of a game. They should do a supporter pack to tip the dev.

Nah, I have beaten one out of 5 main dungeons and have access to 3 others. 2/3rds in very likely unless the last dungeon “entrance quests” stumps me or one of those dungeons proves ultra hard.

It’s an oblique game, so there might be something else, but I’ve read about 20h is par for a first playthrough.